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Ruth Matete moved to tears as daughter reacts to late husband's portrait [Video]

Ruth Matete admits she's afraid of talking about late hubby with her daughter

Ruth Matete

Ruth Matete, a renowned gospel singer and preacher, recently shared a heartwarming moment she experienced with her daughter, Taoluwa Apewajoye.

The emotional encounter occurred when Matete showed Taoluwa a portrait of her late father, John Apewajoye, for the first time.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Matete expressed her surprise and deep emotions as her daughter identified her late father in the portrait. Taoluwa's spontaneous recognition left Matete in awe and moved her to tears.

"I’m so shocked! I have never shown her this picture. I have never had a conversation with her about this topic. She saw the picture and said it was her dad. Tears just rolled down my face," Matete shared.


The accompanying video captured Taoluwa's innocent reaction. The little girl looked at the portrait before her, exclaimed dad, and smiled.

This natural and unexpected response deeply touched her mother, as she had never shown her daughter the picture.


In the video, Taoluwa is seen kissing and hugging the portrait, displaying a heartwarming connection with the image of her late father.

Matete contemplated on the significance of this moment and expressed concern about how she would navigate future conversations with her daughter.


She acknowledged the potential challenges of explaining her late husband's absence to Taoluwa, especially as she watches cartoons that depict a typical family with both parents.

"One day, I will tell her about it when she understands it. But now I am worried. She watches cartoons and sees a family as mum, dad, sister, and brother. What if she asks me now where daddy is? Can she understand? What will I tell her?" Matete reflected.

In her post, Matete also took a moment to cherish the memory of her late husband, describing him as hot.

"She can’t let go of the picture since she saw it. Meanwhile, this Yoruba man was so hot. Chaaiii!!" she wrote.


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