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Sanaipei narrates untold story of toxic ex-boyfriend who abandoned her in a car

Sanaipei Tande has shared her journey through 2 past relationships. The first boyfriend left her, claiming she had no vision while the 2nd relationship was marked by moments that made her feel completely worthless.

Kenyan singer Sanaipei Tande

Kenyan singer Sanaipei Tande, renowned for her powerful vocals and musical talents has shared a glimpse into her dating life.

Speaking on the Engage platform on Thursday, Sanaipei narrated her experiences with her first two boyfriends during her late teenage years and early twenties.

In her late teens, the ex-Nation FM presenter was on the cusp of stardom, gaining recognition as a member of the girl group 'Sema.'

Their magical performance at the renowned Coke Studio had thrust her into the limelight, making her the talk of the town.


However, Sanaipei admits that she was not fully prepared for the whirlwind of fame that was about to consume her.

The transition into a celebrity's life brought with it immense pressure and unexpected responsibilities.


She recalls a time when, despite being a rising star, her first boyfriend, who was also in the music industry, decided to end their relationship. His reason? He believed Sanaipei wasn't making the most of her life.

"I was thrown into a world I didn't fully understand, and interestingly, the guy I was dating who was in the music industry dumped me. He said I wasn't doing anything with my life," she reflects.

This sudden breakup left her in a difficult position, with bills to pay and no money to return to school. In a determined effort to support herself, Sanaipei had to explore various avenues to generate income.


As she moved forward, the challenges of young love continued to test her resilience. At the age of 20, she entered into another relationship, but even this one didn't unfold as she had hoped.

Sanaipei spoke candidly about the emotional turmoil she experienced during this phase of her life.

"I got into a relationship with this guy for the better part of my twenties," she said. "I could share so many incidents that made me feel so useless, so worn out."


The 'Kina' actress shared anecdotes of moments that exposed the fragility of her relationship. For instance, she describes the time when her car broke down, and she found herself pushing it with street kids while her partner fiddled with the gas right in front of a crowd. Such incidents left her feeling unappreciated and powerless.

"There I was pushing a non-starting car with street kids as my dude tried to pump off the gas in full view of the club and revelers and everything.

"I've been abandoned asleep at a dead-end road by said dude after I confronted him after finding him in a situation. But it was my fault, that's why he left me in the car," she said.


Sanaipei also opened up about instances where her partner went out clubbing without her, only to return in the early hours with incoherent phone calls filled with declarations of love and missing her.

"The said dude would go out clubbing without me. And the only reason I would know is that I would get that slurred speech call early in the morning with declarations of I love you, I miss you, I can't wait to see you, bring chicken wings," she said.

She would dutifully bring him chicken wings, eager to nurture the relationship.

"I get to his home, say hello to the family, and up I go the stairs with the kitchen wings. I would stay maybe an hour or two," she said.


However, her affection was met with moments of confusion as her partner would question her presence, unaware that he had invited her.

"The guy wakes up na anashtuka and he's like why are you here? Did I call you? Don't feel bad for me, I did this very many times," she said.

Despite these trying times, she clung to the hope that love would eventually prevail, and her partner would recognise her worth.

"Love is a beautiful thing, and when you're in your twenties, love is everything," she explains, reflecting on the rollercoaster of emotions she experienced. "I was hopeful that this guy would see me, appreciate me, and treat me like the queen I was being told I was."


Sanaipei was last in a relationship with Andrew Manga, a former musician, and pilot. It was a six-year-long affair. According to the 'Jali', hitmaker, the relationship ended because she realised she was not growing in the relationship.


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