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Sauti Sol takes action over the Nviiri and Elodie Zone’s drama

We don’t & will not tolerate any form of Mental, Physical and Emotional abuse- Sol Generation

Elodie Zone and Nviiri

Award-winning Music Group Sauti Sol through their record label Sol Generation have promised to take Nviiri and his girlfriend Elodie Zone through mental wellness sessions over their public fallout that have caused a hullabaloo online.

In a statement, Sol Generation said that as a record label they don’t tolerate any form of physical, mental and emotional abuse. Noting that, they are they are deeply concerned with what have been going on between Nviiri and Elodie.

“As his record label, we have been actively creating an environment to enhance Nviiri’s mental wellness as part of our D.O.P.E culture. As such, the same will continue into the future. The Journey to mental wellness is a marathon, and not a sprint”.

That said, as both parties arrive back into the city, we have a =life and mental wellness session waiting for them with a specialist in the field. We believe offering a helping hand in these times is paramount. Lastly as a business we shall be undertaking a progressive portrayal training” reads part of the statement.


Adding that” We would like to thank all the parties who have supported Us, Nviiri and Elodie as we continue to create an environment where we all can thrive, learn to excel, impact livelihood and positively overcome adversity”.

The statement come hours after Nviiri the Storyteller made a U-turn on his alleged breakup with YouTuber Elodie Zone, saying all is well in their camp.

“Kwani tumeachana? Bado tunapostiana Instagram. Vita ndogo isiwatishe...Utafanya niweke picha yangu na yeake hapa sai niwakasirishe. hatujaachana mimi na Elodie..... Yeye ni dhahabu ngumu kupata dhahabu hapa Njee so huwezi kuiacha tu ivo.. mtuombee pia” said Nviiri the storyteller.


Elodie's take

On the other hand, Elodie also put up a long Insta-story post, with claims that her narration was blown out of proportion.

She added that her statements was made under the influence of alcohol and tension, noting that they went to coast to make peace.

“Nviiri and I came to Coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other. When I made the post it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of a few many drinks.


Neither one of Us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been” said Elodie in part.


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