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Shix Kapienga finally speaks about abrupt termination from Royal Media Services

Shix Kapienga recalls how her contract with Royal Media Services ended in 2020

Shix Kapienga

Popular Kenyan media personality Nancy Wanjiku Karanja 'Shix Kapienga' has opened up about her sudden termination from Royal Media Services in 2020.

Speaking on the Iko Nini Podcast, Shix revealed that she was nervous when asked to see HR and had no idea what was coming.

"Unajua mi nilipiga simu asubuhi nashindwa hizi calls ni za nini, nashina nikiambiwa enda uone HR.

"(You know I received various calls on the morning of that day and i was like, what are all these calls for?)," Shix said.


She was shocked to receive a termination letter and was unprepared for it, even though she had considered quitting to focus on her acting career.

"So unaanza kukaa chini unajiuliza okay HR nimedo? Nimekosea sasa wapi, unaanza kujiuliza tumkutano ni nini sikufanya?

"Ukifika hivi unaona barua ndo unapewa, and uko what? Unapatana na watu kwa stairs... Job imeisha effective when today!


"(So you start asking yourself, okay, HR, where did I go wrong now, then you receive a letter and meet people on the stairs... The job is over effectively when? today!)" She said.

Shix had been in the media industry for quite some time, starting at Getto Radio's sports show before moving to Hot 96, where she hosted Dropzone alongside Raptcha Sayantist from Monday to Thursday.

Unfortunately, her termination from Royal Media Services cut her radio career short.


Despite the abrupt termination, Shix's quality shone through. She adapted to the situation and focused on her digital content creation gig.

Shix also weighed in on the double standards faced by TV personalities, especially regarding accusations of heinous acts.

"So for females, it becomes tough because when it comes to drinking alcohol, I want to go out but because I am a public figure, mmezoea kuniona kwa public kwa screens, there is a way I'm supposed to behave, which is true because at the end of the day, I am also a role model to someone, but then we all make mistakes as humans its natural to you know," she said.


She emphasized that everyone is human and has feelings and that social media's harsh judgment can be heavy on them. Shix explained that she is expected to behave a certain way as a public figure, but mistakes are natural.

However, she noted that TV personalities are judged differently than ordinary people, and their mistakes are often magnified because of their fame.

Shix believes this is why TV girls are sometimes seen as cursed, and their behaviour is more heavily scrutinized.


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