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Willy Paul addresses viral video of him picking up female fan along Thika Road

Willy Paul forced to respond after a controversial video of him picking up a female fan along Thika Road went viral

Willy Paul

Kenyan musician Willy Paul recently addressed a viral video in which he was seen picking up a female fan along Thika Road.

In an interview with Vincent Mboya on Sunday, the artist explained that the lady in question was not a stranger but rather a friend of a friend who was present in the car with him at the time.

Willy Paul expressed his frustration with the way the incident was portrayed, questioning whether it was wrong for a celebrity to have female friends.


"Kwani ukiwa celeb hufai kuwa na marafiki madem? Coz vile waliiweka, waliisexualise, na kitu funny ni, mi na uyo dem hatujuani. Alikuwa rafiki ya boys wangu mwenye alikuwa kwa gari," Willy Paul said.

He highlighted that the person who recorded the video had ulterior motives and was looking to capitalise on the situation for personal gain.

"Ni nonesense tu, ni ujinga, kijana mwenye alirecord hiyo video alikuja kunibeg kwa dirisha, Nilikuwa nimechoka, akarecord hapo akisema vile yeye ni fan wangu, kumbe jamaa anachukua content," he added.


The musician also expressed concern for the lady in the video, fearing for her safety as the incident gained significant attention.

He raised the possibility of her being targeted by individuals who might believe she has financial resources, emphasising the potential risks involved.

"Sasa hata life ya huyo dem sijui kama ako safe. Wakora wanaeza mkimbiza wakidhani ako na pesa juu unajua ukitembea na mtu kama mimi ni kumaamnisha ako na kitu." he said.


Regarding news about Bahati gifting his wife a new Range Rover, Willy Paul claimed he was not aware of such a development but wished them well if it were true.

He emphasised that public displays of gifts were not necessary to prove genuine gestures of love and generosity.


"Unajua the fact that hatuonyeshi haimaanishi hatufanyi. Some of us tunapenda tu private life," he said.

When asked about his own plans for marriage, Willy Paul humorously dismissed the idea. He cited the challenges he had witnessed others face in marriages and expressed his reluctance to take that step.

"Mi staku kuoa... Manze umeoa na ukitoka bibi yako ni wa jirani. Mi sioi," he said.


His lighthearted response to the question added a touch of humour to the interview.


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