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Size 8 reveals 3 things she can’t live without, expresses admiration for Flaqo

Size 8 emphasized that she cannot do without these 3 things, while also expressing her adoration for Flaqo's comedy skits.

Gospel singer Size 8 Reborn

In a YouTube interview on July 23, celebrated gospel singer and pastor Lynet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, opened up about the three most important things in her life.

For the renowned artist, life revolves around three invaluable cornerstones: her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, the loving presence of her husband DJ Mo, and the joyous company of their children, Ladasha Wambo and Muraya Junior.

"I cant leave without Jesus of course, marriage, my husbands and children. Those three things" Size 8 said.


According to the "Afadhali Yesu" hit maker, Jesus Christ is the bedrock of her existence, providing her with strength, guidance, and hope through every aspect of life.

Her faith has been a constant source of inspiration and resilience, allowing her to navigate the challenges and triumphs of her journey with grace and conviction.

Sharing a deep and abiding love with her husband DJ Mo, Size 8 cherishes the union they have built together.


She expressed her appreciation for DJ Mo's protective nature, especially concerning their marriage and their children.

His commitment to safeguarding their family unit is a quality she genuinely admires. However, she also revealed that, at times, the overprotective side of DJ Mo can be challenging for her to handle.

"The fact that he is very protective of me Wambo and Junior, i love it but sometimes i hate it," she said.


Size 8's admiration extends beyond her immediate family, as she also shared her strong fondness for the comedic talent of Kenyan comedian Flaqo.

She acknowledged Flaqo's unique comedic style, especially appreciating how his videos often incorporate a sense of spirituality.

"Flaqo. Kwa sababu video zake hata zinakuanga na God ndani," she said.


Size 8's interview also touched on the subject of celebrity crushes and public admissions made by married women.

Reflecting on content creator Milly Wa Jesus' recent confession of having a celebrity crush in front of her husband Kabi, Size 8 expressed her reservations about such openness.

"Hiyo si poa. utamake msee wako askie vibaya. Lakini Milly anajua alido hivo, aliapologize," she said.


She believes that publicly declaring a celebrity crush can potentially hurt one's spouse and is not a practice she endorses.


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