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Lesson every celeb should learn from Betty Kyallo's date with Simple Boy

Betty decided to grant Stevo Simple Boy's wish to meet her, and what followed was a special memorable date filled with meaningful conversations.

Rapper Stevo Simple takes Betty Kyallo out on a  date on February 29, 2024 ( Stevo Simple Boy & Betty Kyallo's Instagram)

Betty Mutei Kyallo, a prominent media personality and successful businesswoman, is showing us the power of giving someone a chance, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Betty decided to grant Stevo Simple Boy's wish to meet her, and what followed was a memorable date filled with laughter and meaningful conversations.

Stevo Simple Boy, known for his unique music style had openly expressed his admiration for Betty Kyallo on social media.


After days of reaching out to her, Stevo's dream finally came true when Betty agreed to go out on a date with him.

As captured in a series of photos shared on social media, Stevo arrived for the date dressed in a pearl white bespoke suit paired with black pants and matching shoes.


Betty, on the other hand, exuded elegance in a black micro dress layered with a stylish blue denim shirt.

During the date, Stevo displayed gentlemanly manners, pulling out a seat for Betty and ensuring she felt comfortable throughout the evening.

The photos captured moments of them enjoying wine and engaging in meaningful conversation, creating an atmosphere of warmth and connection.


After the date, Stevo expressed his gratitude for the memorable experience and shared his intentions with Betty.

He expressed his affection for Betty and eagerly awaited her response to their time together.

Stevo's sincerity and genuine admiration for Betty were evident, reflecting his courage in pursuing his feelings.

“Kwa kweli roho yangu sasa iko welo welo…nilipeleka crush wangu date, Mungu ni mwema nakupenda sana Betty Kyalo, fikiria hiyo mambo yangu tumeongea leo nasubiri jibu” he captioned.


Betty also took to her Instagram to share snapshots from their date, offering her perspective on the afternoon spent with Stevo.

In her posts, Betty acknowledged the unlikely pairing and the joyous moments they shared over a meal and cocktails.

"Wengine watasema ni photoshop was a nice afternoon sharing a meal with Stevo Simple Boy. Manze ameng'ang'ana sana. Apigiwe makofi tafadhali. Pia alipiga look mbaya! Keep rising Stevo," Betty said.


She commended Stevo's determination to meet her, highlighting the unexpected turn of events that led to their memorable encounter.

Betty's date exemplifies the value of giving your crush a chance, whether in the entertainment industry or beyond, fostering meaningful conversations and growth for both parties involved.


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