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Kama anataka tuchambane tutachambana! Stevo Simple Boy's wife dares Pritty Vishy

Anikome! Grace has made it clear to Pritty that she will not tolerate her anymore!

Kenyan singer Stevo Simple Boy and his wife Grace Atieno

Grace Atieno, the wife of Kenyan musician Stevo Simple Boy, recently spoke out against her husband's ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy, warning her to refrain from mentioning Stevo's name.

In an interview with YouTuber Obidan Dela on Saturday 1, Grace expressed her frustration with Pritty's continuous remarks about her and Stevo.

Grace revealed that she had known Pritty for a long time and was aware of the things she had been saying about her and Stevoh.

"Pritty Vishy ni mtu ambaye nilimjua kitambo. Kuniongelea sawa. Amenisuta, ameniongelea mambo mengi na huwa naziona na pia naziskia ila mi nataka kumwambia hivi, jambo moja tu, anikome na jina langu na kuongelea Stevo," Grace said.


Grace asserted that she had the right to talk about Stevo because she lived with him and understood him on a deeper level.

However, she emphasized that Pritty should refrain from discussing Stevo altogether. Grace made it clear that their past relationship was over and it was time for Pritty to move on.

"Stevo naeza muongelea kwa sababu nimi ndo naishi naye kwa nyumba na namuelewa, so lazima niongee. Aache kumuongelea Stevo. Kitu ya ex ilikua ya ex na hiyo imeisha kabisa! Na kama anataka tuchambane tutachambana..." she said.


While Grace stated that she didn't have any personal issues with Pritty, she noted that Pritty had become arrogant, perhaps due to her newfound celebrity status.

Grace firmly stated that Stevo was the one who gave Pritty exposure and helped her gain recognition.

Without Stevo's support, she suggested, Pritty would not have achieved the level of fame she currently enjoys.


Grace expressed her unwavering support for Stevo, assuring him that he had a solid backing from her and many others.

"Sina beef na huyo msichana ila acha mi niseme ni venye amekua celeb ndo maana anajipa kiburi anaongea vile anataka Kwanza Stevo ndo alimueka Pritty soko.

"Kama haingekua Stevo hangekua pale, maana ni mtu alikua Kibra amecharara pale yupo yupo tu. Stevoh ataendelea, niko naye na kuna watu wanamhelp... Kwanza atakua poa more than anafikiria," she said.


Grace's response came a few days after Stevo Simple Boy reached out for help, announcing that he and his wife would be managing his music career going forward.

However, he faced sharp criticism from Pritty Vishy, who openly voiced her opinions and defended his manager, Vaga Genius, against allegations of exploitation.

Fed up with Pritty's constant mention of his name in her social media posts and interviews, Stevo threatened to sue Pritty if she continued to use his name without his consent.


Stevo emphasized that Pritty needed to find her own identity and stop relying on his name for attention. He made it clear that legal action would be taken if she persisted.


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