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'Tabasamu' actress Rosemary Waweru shares secrets behind her youthful looks

Rosemary played the role of Maya in 'Tabasamu' which aired in 2008 just after she had cleared high school

Actress Rosemary Waweru

'Tabasamu' actress Rosemary Waweru has revealed the secret behind her flawless beauty and how she has managed to maintain her youthful appearance.

Having played the role of Maya in 'Tabasamu' before taking a hiatus, Rosemary shared her insights during the screening of the Showmax crime drama series, 'Faithless.' She attributes her timeless beauty to a combination of genetics and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Rosemary emphasized that her family genetics play a significant role in her youthful looks, as her family members do not age significantly. In addition to good genes, she maintains an active lifestyle, engaging in activities like swimming, walking in Karura, biking, and hiking.

She prefers to avoid the monotony of the gym and instead enjoys varied physical activities to stay fit and energized. Her dedication to a balanced diet and avoidance of junk food also contributes to her overall well-being.


"It's a bit of genes, I do not go to the gym but I have a very active lifestyle. I swim, I walk a lot, Karura is my place.

"I ride bikes, I hike because I don't like being constricted in one place, which is why I am not a fan of the gym. But I also eat well, I avoid junk, but genes surely have a role," she told this writer.


After the conclusion of 'Tabasamu,' which aired on Citizen TV for four years, Rosemary decided to take a break from the screen to focus on raising her family and plan for her future career endeavours.

During this hiatus, she remained active in the film industry, participating in film-related projects. Subsequently, she returned to television in 'Pray and Prey,' a show that aired between 2012 and 2014.

Rosemary acknowledged that the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting led some viewers to miss her on different channels, as they were accustomed to seeing her only on Citizen TV.

However, she later appeared on Maisha Magic and is currently part of the cast on Showmax.


In 'Faithless,' Rosemary portrays the character Esther, a struggling waitress who stumbles upon the proceeds of a robbery. To her shock, she discovers that her brother, Benja, was one of the masterminds behind the crime.


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