She’s graceful and elegant and has an aura that speaks volumes about her personality; lovable. Terry Muikamba is exactly who you'd expect her to be: elegant, lively and charming.

Appearing on #PulseCeleb254, Terry talks about her love for radio and what inspired her to leave Classic 105 and chase her first love; Hot 96. She reveals that her move from Classic 105 back to Hot 96 was inspired by the need to grow and try out something new.

“I was on Classic 105 for three years hosting the Drive with Mike Mondo but I left, end of November to December and currently am back home. I like to say home because that’s where I started…Mike is a really amazing Human being. And some things happen and you are like maybe its time for something different” …I started out at HomeBoyz and G-Money actually trained me.” said Terry Muikamba.

Terry Muikamba
Terry Muikamba

Ms Muikamba also disclosed that her love for radio and TV goes way back.

I had actually wanted to be a TV anchor. After I left high school I wanted to pursue a career in the media industry. Someone asked me to take them for a radio interview and that further developed my interest in radio and TV.”

Terry’s biggest radio moment

"My biggest radio moment was the first time I interviewed Sauti Sol; that was a wow moment for me because I am such a huge fan of the group,” she said.

Terry Muikamba
Terry Muikamba

In addition, the Radio girl tells us how her mum has been a loyal listener and has called in during her shows a couple of times.

“I'm a firm believer of the feminists' movement and sometimes we would also cover such topics. There's a time we were just picking calls and this man calls and starts berating me ‘ You're misleading our girls and you will never get married, in fact you will remain single forever.’ We continued with picking calls, then we got to this particular call and it was my mum. So she starts addressing the previous caller, ‘I’m just here to tell you that my daughter will get married when she wants and if she doesn't want to get married it's fine because it's up to her’,” narrated Terry Muikamba.

The KTN Mega Deal show host went on to reveal how her mum has been, and is still her biggest fan to date.

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Terry Muikamba and radio presenter, Mike Mondo
Terry Muikamba and radio presenter, Mike Mondo

“I was telling Mike Mondo about this boy I had a crush on and I wasn't mentioning names so when we started picking calls, my mother calls in and she’s like ’you think I didn't know about nani’ and goes on to mention their name!” Terry said.

How is it being a lady in a male dominated industry?

Muikamba; “Kenyan media is kinder to men, if you are on TV, the minute let’s say I get family and my interests change from partying to motherhood, people will tell you, that you have become boring. Why are you always talking about your children, But for men its fine?

…It’s a hard space to be in as a woman but if you are really passionate about it, you can always curve a niche for yourself and stay longer if you want to.”