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TikToker Nyakwar Janeko showers Andrew Kibe with love

Amenifanya nikakuwa mtu - TikToker Nyakwar Janeko reveals what Andrew Kibe gifted her

TikToker Nyakwar Janeko

Kenyan TikToker Caroline Auma, popularly known as Nywakwar Janeko, has made waves on social media with her candid and often controversial remarks.

Recently, she showered YouTuber Andrew Kibe with praise, highlighting the support she has received from industry friends and her loyal TikTok followers.

In a conversation with a local media house on August 8, Nyakwar Janeko expressed her gratitude towards her dedicated fans and those who have sent her gifts on TikTok.


She revealed that she is fortunate to have good friends in the industry who have consistently supported her journey.

"I have friends, by the way, all my gifters, I love them so much. It's like God has sent them from heaven. My star has shone brightly within just three months," Nyakwar Janeko said.

She also took the opportunity to express her appreciation for YouTuber Andrew Kibe, who she credits for her personal growth and transformation.


Nyakwar Janeko revealed that Kibe has played a significant role in her life, referring to him as the best.

She acknowledged his acceptance and support, recounting a moment when he affectionately referred to her as 'chicks' and sent her some money.

"Pia nashukuru sana Kibe. Amefanya nikakuwa mtu. He is the best. Aliniita chicks na akanipea kakitu. Alinitumia pesa lakini siwezi sema ni ngapi," she said.

Nyakwar Janeko further elaborated on her relationship with Andrew Kibe. She mentioned that Kibe not only appreciated her advice but also valued her insight.


Despite Kibe's ability to scrutinize and criticize, he embraced her for who she is, even reaching out with a voice message as a testament to their camaraderie.

"Kibe ni mzuri. Alipenda sana advise yangu. Wewe unajua vile kibe anaweza kukuchambua... Lakini aliaccept vile niko, akanipenda na akanicall. Akaniuliza can I send voice, nikamwambia yes," she said.


Amid the conversation, Nyakwar Janeko discussed her connection with comedian Flaqo, whom she referred to as her nephew.

She revealed that Flaqo is her sister's child and that his talent and manner of speaking closely resemble her own.

She expressed her understanding and support for Flaqo using her voice, stating that she doesn't mind him imitating her voice because he is like family to her.

"Flaqo ni mtoto wa dada yangu. Ata vile huwa anaongea, anasound kama mimi aunt yake. Hata akienda hiyo talent yake, alitoka kwangu. So mimi hata sikuona vibaya akitumia sauti yangu because ni mtoi wangu," she said.


As usual, Nyakwar Janeko didn't shy away from addressing relationship dynamics. She candidly criticized men who give their partners minimal financial support while expecting them to manage household expenses.


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