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Congratulations pour in for Sue Owino after hubby gifted her for cooking every day

Describing him as supportive, fun, loving, and caring, Sue acknowledged the unwavering support from her husband in her culinary endeavors.

Food Content creator Sue Owino unveils her first car, a gift from her husband

Renowned for her culinary prowess and daily gastronomic delights for her husband, Sue Owino recently shared an exciting milestone with her followers—a brand-new car gifted by her husband.

In an X post on December 23, Sue unveiled the stunning vehicle through a series of captivating photos, accompanied by a simple yet powerful caption: "My husband just bought me my first car."

In a previous interview, Sue Owino provided insights into her culinary journey, revealing that her passion for cooking ignited when she was just around eight years old.


Her motivation? A deep-seated desire to learn, no matter how seemingly insignificant the knowledge.

Sue's famous phrase, 'We shall try again tomorrow,' reflects her commitment to continuous improvement and exploration in the kitchen.


While Sue has been captivating audiences with her culinary creations for over a year, she has kept her husband's identity private.

Describing him as supportive, fun, loving, and caring, Sue acknowledged the unwavering support from her partner in her culinary endeavors.

The couple's journey has now reached a delightful milestone with the thoughtful gift of a new car, a testament to their bond.


Despite her growing fame and the admiration of many, Sue has faced some criticism, with claims that her content may be perceived as excessive or misleading.

In response, Sue firmly asserted that she doesn't consider herself extra but rather attributes her creativity as the driving force behind her culinary expressions.

She believes her unique approach has resonated positively with a supportive audience who appreciate her innovative culinary flair.


Expressing gratitude for the support she has received from family and friends since gaining fame, Sue Owino acknowledged the positive reception surrounding her culinary journey.

The community's encouragement has played a vital role in Sue's continued exploration of the culinary world, showcasing her dishes, and sharing her experiences.

In celebrating Sue Owino's journey, from her childhood passion for cooking to the heartfelt surprise from her husband, we witness the power of creativity, dedication, and joy derived from culinary endeavors.


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