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Comedian and online content creator Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush has revealed his plan to exit from Kenya’s comedy industry.

Speaking on Cleaning the Airwaves hotels by Richard Njau, Njugush recognized that he plans to retire from comedy in his 40s unless God changes his plans.

This means that the content creator who just hit 30 years old in May, has a little over 10 years to accomplish whatever he wants in the industry before bowing out.

Many say that life begins at 40 because if you plan your life well, it is at that age when many get a feeling of freedom and focus without the need to concentrate on day to day survival.

Many people pay off their loans at that age while others see off their children to high school, campus or the job market.

Later in life nataka kuondokea hii story yote. I want to assure my future na watoi wangu,” he started.

My ideal 40s would be spent somewhere deep in a ranch nikikamua mang’ombe because at the end of the day why do we live?" he questioned.

The YouTube sensation explained that he wants a chance to enjoy life in the best way he knows how to.

I want to be the greatest content creator and do wonders, then what next? I want to live a bit. My kind of life is feeding birds, where you have surplus such that you are able to help vulnerable people," the comedian said.

Njugush said that he desires to live in a community where people co-exist peacefully and help one another unlike the city life where everyone minds their own business.

He explained that despite the fact that rural areas don’t have as many opportunities for making money as the city, residents are rich in life.

The comedian regretted that people have become accustomed to chasing money without creating time for themselves to enjoy being alive.

From the time you are introduced to school, you wake up early at such a young age, then proceed to high school, then campus to study and start looking for side hustles, then the job markets where you work long hours...until when will you do that?

You become so accustomed to that type of life with now breather until you’re old and asking for medical assistance,” Njugush described.

He also explained that it is possible for someone else to become the best comedian after him but nobody can replace him in his family and son's life.


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