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TMI podcasters Murugi Munyi & Lydia KM with another win days after Pulse Influencer Award

October is a victorious month for Lydia KM and Murugi Munyi as they are celebrating two major achievements

TMI Podcasters Murugi Munyi and Lydia KM

In the world of podcasts, Murugi Munyi and Lydia KM, the dynamic duo behind 'The Messy in Between (TMI)' podcast, are revelling in their latest achievements.

This October, the podcasting world is abuzz with excitement as TMI takes centre stage on the cover page of 'The Podcast Sessions Magazine', and the accolades keep pouring in for these talented podcasters.

The TMI podcast has quickly become a sensation in the podcasting sphere, captivating audiences with its unique blend of storytelling and insightful conversations.

The recent cover feature in The Podcast Sessions Magazine provides insights on the inside look at the journey of Murugi Munyi and Lydia KM, shedding light on the meticulous process they go through before sharing their content with the world.


Their success story has not only resonated with listeners but has now also captured the attention of the podcasting industry.

In addition to their feature in the magazine, the TMI podcast has further reason to celebrate. The dynamic duo recently clinched the prestigious Pulse Podcast Influencer of the Year award.

This is not the first time they've received recognition for their outstanding contributions to the podcasting world; it's the second consecutive year that they've received the Pulse award.


During the awards ceremony, Murugi Munyi, representing the TMI podcast, dedicated the honour to their assistant, Nancy.

She described Nancy as an indispensable pillar behind their success, emphasising the significant role Nancy plays in the planning and organization of the podcast.

Nancy's contributions extend to location scouting, ensuring impeccable sound and video quality, and overall excellence in production.


Thanks to Nancy's dedication and hard work, the TMI podcast has reached new heights of success, not only within Kenya but also across the region and the continent.

The combination of creative content, strategic planning, and unwavering commitment has propelled TMI to the forefront of the podcasting world, garnering an ever-growing audience that appreciates its distinctive style and engaging discussions.

As the TMI podcast continues to gain recognition and influence, it serves as an inspiring example of how dedication, collaboration, and a passion for storytelling can lead to remarkable achievements in the world of podcasting.


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