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Trio Mio's brother makes headlines after extravagant spending spree

Trio Mio's brother, Big Ting, shared an almost 'endless' receipt showing how he spent Sh366,450

Big Ting

Trio Mio's elder brother Big Ting has caused a stir on social media after sharing a receipt showing he spent Sh366,450 for his birthday party at XS Millionaires Club in Nairobi.

The rapper took to his Instagram on March 1 to show off the 'endless' receipt with details of the cost of each drink he purchased.


The video has since gone viral, and a section of netizens have accused the 22-year-old Trouble Music signee of bragging about someone else's money.

Here are some reactions to the video on Instagram.

graigkenya @bigting.ap ni kirana fala.....tell people the birthday was sponsored by @money_.tribe @nairobi_chief_priest ....big ting Hana pesa.

dicquewuopamela Hizi ni clout tu,sasa huyo kijana anatoa 300k wapi ya kuspend?

waysah Uzuri ni pesa za Trio.


lilgirl_.bree Najua trio ndio alimsaidia kulipa most of it ...niskie mtu akiniambia anadai 2k urgently.

According to Big Ting, the negative sentiments from netizens do not move him because he is just getting started.


Through his Instagram stories, the wrapper laughed off the comments posted by some fans citing that he was sponsored.

"Na bado!! Nataka kuwachokesha hii mwaka," Big Ting wrote.

He has stated that he will not relent because of a few haters who lack money in their pockets.


Also known as AP Tyler, Big Ting is an artist, stylist, and vocalist signed under Trouble Music records.

He joined the music industry in 2017, starting his career as a singer and rapper. In 2021, he released an EP titled 'Son of the City', showcasing his unique blend of singing and rapping talents.


His latest track, 'Kanairo', which features AJ Barracuda and Trio Mio, is a visual feast filled with vibrant colours and an undeniable sense of swag.

Trio and Big Ting AP have admitted in the past that they draw their inspiration from their father, a Rhumba artist.


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