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DJ Mo's mistake that may cost him Twitter account with over 100K followers

DJ Mo's Twitter page for the past three weeks has been sharing tweets in Arabic


Gospel DJ DJ Mo is facing a critical situation as he grapples with the imminent loss of his Twitter account, which has been under the control of hackers for nearly three weeks.

The DJ is now reaching out for assistance in the hopes of recovering his precious online presence.

Admitting his misstep, DJ Mo disclosed that the predicament arose due to a delay in renewing his domain, leading to the release of the domain to other buyers by the hosting service.

This, in turn, allowed the hackers to gain unauthorized access to his Twitter account.


“I had a delay to renew my domain, I pay around Sh4000. I think I forgot, then the host released it to random guys who bought it and I think that's how they got my Twitter access," DJ Mo candidly told Nairobi News.

Understanding the significance of Twitter in the current digital landscape, DJ Mo emphasized the platform's newfound importance in his professional life.


Despite not being an avid user of the platform in the past, he now recognizes its value and the role it plays in connecting with his audience.

While the situation is indeed concerning, DJ Mo remains hopeful and is making a plea to anyone with the knowledge and expertise to assist him in reclaiming his compromised Twitter account.

The former Cross Over 101 DJ expressed his gratitude in advance to anyone who could offer their support.

“Haven’t gotten someone to help me work on it. I wasn’t a Twitter person, but I really need it. Anyone who can help me recover it, I will be grateful,” DJ Mo humbly stated, hopeful that the plea would reach the right individuals.

DJ Mo now finds himself joining a growing list of celebrities who have fallen victim to hacking in recent months.


Among those who have experienced similar ordeals are Trio Mio, Dennis Itumbi, and singer Bahati, all of whom, fortunately, managed to reclaim control of their compromised accounts.


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