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Videos of Ali Kiba & Diamond speaking sheng thrill their fans [Watch]

Videos of Ali Kiba & Diamond speaking sheng thrill their fans

Diamond (left) and Ali Kiba

Videos of Bongo Flava stars Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba have thrilled their fans after surfacing online.

Although Tanzania speaks Swahili sanifu, the two stars defied all odds and tried to speak in sheng, a way of speaking that is more common in Kenya.

In the videos, the two stars were discussing different things and the context of the recordings were different.

In Diamond's video, he was riding in his car and questioned how his son, Naseeb Jr, will be speaking to him in the future, stating that his child will not be speaking Swahili sanifu.


"Ni nini wewe? Hiyo kitu inakaaje? Ati inakaa iko na ghorofa mob! Iko na flight mob. Hivi ndo kunakuanga. Mwnangu NJ anaongea hivyo wallahi. Yaani kinachoniuma kwamba NJ atakua na melodies, maneno ya Kitanzania. Kiswahili chake kitakua sio sanifu. Ataongea inakua nini Mbaya? Itakuaje hio? Buda apo Tz kumekua kuna mambo mob," Diamond said

Diamond concluded by saying asking his son not to use sheng in the future.

Ali Kiba on the other hand was recorded alongside his producer in the studio trying to speak session probably after a good studio session.

The two were in good mood and they started mentioning words like 'buda hii kitu ni noma' to signify that the song that they had just worked on was great.


"Buda ni shida. Buda hii kitu ni konki. Hatari," Ali Kiba said as he approved what his producer had just said.

Dunda - This is simply a club or the venue of a party.

Kanja - This word means to give someone money or pay someone.


Mzing - This simply means an elderly person or your father.

Senke - This word is common in Kenya and it means the police.

Omoka - This term means to change your lifestyle after getting more money.

Mboka - Thebterm 'mboka' means work. What you do to earn a living.

Ngwete - It means someone stupid.


Nitakuvutia - This means I will call you.

Nyuria - It means to die.

Ngasha - This means to take a shower.


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