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Reason Blessed Tugi's YouTube channel with 142K subscribers has been inactive

Tugi used to create content alongside his parents Njugush and Wakavinye which he shared on his YouTube channel until he took a break

The Kimani's. Comedian Njugush’s son Tugi wins the Prestigious YouTube Award

Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, shed light on the reason behind the inactivity of his son Tugi's YouTube channel, which boasts over 142K subscribers.

The channel, known for its comedic skits, has left fans wondering about Tugi's absence.

The journey began when Tugi, following in his father's footsteps, started showcasing his humor and wit through comical and sarcastic responses to his mother's questions. This dynamic quickly gained popularity and led to the creation of a YouTube channel where they would share Tugi's skits in long-form videos.

However, their recent lack of uploads has caught the attention of their audience.


Njugush attributed the channel's hiatus to two main factors: school and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that they started the channel during the height of the pandemic when people were not working and schools were closed.

Taking advantage of the free time available, they embarked on the creative endeavour together.

However, as Tugi's education took priority, Njugush emphasized the importance of allowing him to have a normal childhood. He acknowledged that they couldn't force Tugi to continue with the channel while he was attending school.


"You know he is in school, we can't just tell him to drop his bag and start shooting. But whenever we have free time, as you have noticed, we can shoot," Njugush stated.

Respecting Tugi's wishes and desires is crucial for Njugush and his family. If Tugi expresses interest in shooting videos, they happily oblige and proceed with the creative process.

Despite the channel's current inactivity, the videos featuring Tugi on Njugush's main TV channel have garnered substantial success, with some reaching close to 400K views.


While the last uploads on the channel date back two years, Njugush affirms that he cannot force Tugi into comedy unless the young comedian is genuinely interested. It's a testament to Njugush's supportive and respectful approach to parenting, allowing Tugi to explore his passions at his own pace.


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