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Disappointed Tiffah asks Zari Hassan to fire her nanny [Video]

Princess Tiffah says she will approach her dad if Zari doesn't fire her nanny

Princess Tiffah

Princess Tiffah, the daughter of Diamond Platnumz who resides with her mother Zari Hassan in South Africa, recently expressed to her mother that she dislikes the way her nanny addresses her and requested that the nanny be dismissed.

During their conversation, Zari inquired about how the house help calls Tiffah. In response, Tiffah shouted her own name in a hoarse voice.

Tiffah emphasized that she prefers a gentle tone when her name is called and insisted that immediate action be taken to resolve the matter.


Zari sought to understand the reason behind the nanny's habit of calling Tiffah in such a manner, as she too found it unacceptable to have her name called in a loud and hoarse voice.

Zari inquired about the next course of action to be taken, and Tiffah suggested that the nanny be dismissed immediately.

Zari probed further, asking whether Tiffah had ever requested that the nanny stop addressing her in such a manner. Tiffah honestly admitted that she had not.

Zari deemed it necessary to communicate with the nanny and discuss the issue before making any decision.


If her mother does not dismiss the nanny, Tiffah has made a firm resolve to bring the matter to her father's attention in Tanzania.

"Nah nobody is supposed to call me like that. I'm taking it up with management. The branch manager in SA or else I'll escalate it to the head office in Tanzania," Tiffah wrote.

wiishi43 With this kind of soft life. She needs her name called out softly I beg ooh!


lovdoyto Tiffa ukija Tanzania utatufukuza mashangazi zako Kila siku maana tunaita kwa nguvu.

tillyadorich Tiffa huku kwetu Tz ndivyo tunavyo waitaga watoto na sisi tumeiga kwa wazazi wetu wanetuambukiza Sijui itakuwaje Sasa.

anisa_achola With due respect, mama am not having any of it all this girl is going to shake us without mercy.

shifah_k_ The headquarter in Tanzania 🇹🇿 is still looking for a translator though.


ivynina16 If am Tiffahz step mum. Anti mugya muzunga.

rosettabahat Aaaaaha ha haaàaaaaa, just bring it to the head office we will sort it up ASAP.

preciousb7825 Sisi mashangazi zako apo umetuacha tumeelewa latifa uku tz tinaitaga ivyo ivyo kwa ukali sijui itakuaje.

youngchibu_tz7 Sasa mbna hvo wengne tumeelew neno Tanzania tuuu.


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