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Real reason Rashid & Lulu Hassan haven't quit Citizen TV job despite success in production

The actual reason Rashid Abdalla & his wife Lulu Hassan haven't left their news anchoring jobs at Royal Media despite successful production ventures

Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abdalla (Instagram)

On October 23, Kenyan television enthusiasts were treated to the exciting premiere of 'Zari,' a captivating Telenovela series on Maisha Magic Plus.

This premiere closely followed the debut of another highly anticipated Telenovela, 'Kasiri,' on the same channel.

These engaging series are the creative brainchildren of the accomplished media personalities and esteemed Kiswahili news anchors at Citizen TV, Lulu Hassan, and Rashid Abdalla.


Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are not just prominent faces on television; they are the CEOs and founders of Jiffy Pictures, a renowned film production company.

Their production house, Jiffy Pictures, has earned recognition for creating remarkable programs for local TV stations and on-demand streaming platforms such as MultiChoice's DStv and Showmax.

Their portfolio includes other hit series like 'Maria,', 'Sultana', 'Zora', on Citizen TV, 'Moyo', 'Aziza', and 'Huba' on Maisha Magic Bongo, 'Kovu' on Showmax, and 'Maza' on Maisha Magic East.


These series have garnered immense popularity in both Kenya and Tanzania, where Swahili is the primary language.

Despite their impressive success as producers, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla continue to hold their positions as news anchors at Citizen TV.

This raises the question of why they choose to remain employed in journalism when they have successfully created numerous job opportunities for actors and crew members across East Africa.


Lulu Hassan, who has dedicated over five years of her career to Citizen TV, provided some insight into this dual role during the premiere of 'Zari,' a show featuring popular actors Sarah Hassan and Brenda Wairimu in lead roles.

She emphasised that it's not as simple as choosing between their roles in news and production. For Lulu and Rashid, both avenues are essential aspects of their careers.


"It's not about being employed and quitting this job. This is also our work. When people see us in our primary roles, they might not know that we also have other jobs."

The dynamic duo holds journalism and acting dear to their hearts. While they have embraced their roles as news anchors, acting remains deeply rooted in their creative veins. Lulu's history as an actress began long before her journalism career took off.

"News anchoring and journalism are professions we are passionate about. Looking at my history, I started as an actress. However, not many people are aware of this. Back then, we didn't have the platforms that exist today. Instead, we used to stage plays," she shared.

Lulu's journey included representing Kenya in the Bagamoyo Film Festival, an experience that further fueled her passion for acting.


She acknowledged that acting is an intrinsic part of her identity and emphasised the importance of seizing the opportunity presented by TV to involve those she had previously worked alongside.

"Acting is in my soul and runs in my blood. When I got the chance to read the news on TV, I thought, why not? Many talented individuals back home were left behind, and we began our journey together.

"With a platform in hand, I harnessed that opportunity to bring my colleagues on board, individuals with whom I had hustled with," she disclosed.


For Lulu and Rashid, their work serves as a means of creating employment and fostering the development of stars.

They acknowledged that their production endeavours provide the best compensation in Kenya, highlighting the numerous achievements of the actors they have supported.

"With this work, we are not only creating stars but also generating employment opportunities. I wish you could stay here and interview these artists, and crew members.

"They would confirm that many have built their lives, and bought cars, and not just in Kenya, but also in Tanzania. They have prospered through the art," she added.


Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla's dedication to journalism and entertainment is a testament to their multifaceted talents.


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