Zari Hassan sounds tough warning at those being Conned in her Name

Get robbed at the expense of your small brains- Zari

Zari Hassan

South Africa based Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan has sounded a tough warning to fans and followers who always report to her after being conned by her Impostors.

In an Instagram Post, Ms Hassan said that she will not tolerate nor take responsibility of things she is not aware of.

“I will keep warning you, get robbed at the expense of your small brains.

I will never take responsibility for things I didn’t do.... I will keep warning you, so try whatever it is at your own risk. I think she FINALLY went to MY ACTUAL PAGE and found my real email. Question is why didn't she use the same approach to ask me if the people she was talking to are legit. Why now? Go back where it started” warned Zari.

The mother of five further stated that she will keep on exposing everyone who reach out to her after being conned by Impostors.

“I will not stop exposing you. This one has sent me a registered mail. You know I post about the college and it’s easy to Google and find the address. I can't wait to meet this fool if he escalates this to court. Everyone who knows me I don't do messenger or even respond to my Instagram Dms? Sir, I want to see your conversations and the WhatsApp number you were chatting to. Thank God with technology now everything is very traceable” said Zari Hassan.

She also warned that she never asks for financial help online or take people abroad.

“I never ask for financial aid, I don’t take people abroad for jobs, I don’t ask money to do Zari, I don’t do any of that shit....” cautioned Ms Hasaan.

This is not the first time the socialite is warning netizens to stay woke of impostors who use her name to con people.


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