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Zuchu breaks silence regarding fallout with Mama Dangote

Zuchu claims that she is on good terms with Diamond's mother, Mama Dangote.

Mama Dangote (left) and Zuchu

Bongo Flava star Zuchu found herself clarifying her relationship with Diamond Platnumz's mother, Mama Dangote, in a video shared on October 3 by Wasafi Media.

Wasafi FM presenter Baba Levo initially called Zuchu to inquire about Diamond's upcoming birthday party.

However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Levo asked about the alleged feud between Zuchu and Mama Dangote.


Levo mentioned that there were rumours circulating, suggesting that Zuchu and Diamond's mother were not on good terms.

In response, Zuchu firmly denied these allegations, affirming that she and Mama Dangote were on good terms.

She even mentioned that she had spoken to Mama Dangote earlier, before receiving the call from Wasafi FM.

"Hakuna na nimetoka kuzungumza naye muda sio mrefu. Nimetoka kuzungumza naye kama thirty minutes ago," Zuchu explained.


Before ending the call, Levo sided with Zuchu, emphasizing that he too had denied the allegations. He playfully advised Zuchu to relax and take a nap on Diamond's bed, all while sharing a laugh.

During the call with Wasafi FM, Zuchu revealed that Diamond had just left their house, though she admitted she wasn't sure if he was planning to throw a party for himself.

In the course of their conversation, Zuchu received advice to have a child with Diamond, given the longevity of their relationship and their compatibility.


Baba Levo even went on to express his belief that Diamond would never break up with Zuchu based on their current situation.

When asked to share her thoughts about Diamond, since her calls to him had gone unanswered, Zuchu had nothing but praise for her boss and lover.

She mentioned that she, along with other Tanzanians, appreciates him because he has positively impacted many people's lives.


"Mimi pamoja na nyinyi na Watanzania wengi tunamuappreciate, tunampenda sana. Amebadilisha maisha ya wengi wetu. Mwenyezi Mungu amemtumia yeye kama daraja na tunamshukuru na tunamjali.

"[I together with you and other Tanzanians appreciate and love him. He has changed the lives of many of us. God has used him as the bridge and we thank and care about him]," Zuchu said.

Zuchu then expressed her wish for Diamond to have a prosperous life so that he can fully enjoy the fruits of his hard work.


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