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Chipukeezy talks about his relationship with Ivy Chelimo, reveals he's dating 7 women

Chipukeezy reveals nature of his relationship with Ivy Chelimo, talks about his seven girlfriends

Chipukeezy and Ivy Chelimo pose for a photo

Kenyan comedian, Chipukeezy has disclosed that he is in a relationship with seven girlfriends.

This revelation comes amidst swirling rumours linking him romantically to Ivy Chelimo, the woman associated with the Deputy President's nickname, Riggy G.

In a video shared by a local media outlet on February 16, Chipukeezy clarified that Chelimo is just a friend.

Ivy Chelimo is my friend... I'm in a happy relationship with my beautiful girlfriends. Were seven now. We are very happy na si kipindi. Hawajuani na hawafai kujuana.


Chipukeezy, who has consistently championed polygamy and openly acknowledged his adherence to it, attributed his lifestyle choice to his familial legacy.

He revealed that his grandfather, like him, had seven wives, with Chipukeezy's mother being the youngest among them.


Drawing parallels to his familial history, Chipukeezy expressed his intention to uphold this tradition. At less than 35 years old, he emphasized that none of his current relationships have progressed to the point of marriage.

"Ni legacy naskuma. this is a fact. My grandpa had seven wives, my mum was the last. na mimi bado sijafika hata 35 years. For now wanaqualify polepole, hakuna mwenye ashatosha kuwa wife," he said.


Chipukeezy also addressed the significance of his dreadlocks, highlighting their symbolic value.

He associated his hairstyle with the Mau Mau, a symbol of resistance and identity among Kenya's black population.

Rejecting societal pressure to conform to conventional grooming standards, he asserted that individuality should be celebrated.

Chipukeezy likened the insistence on cutting his hair to asking a beautiful person to forsake their beauty, emphasising the ignorance surrounding appearances.

"To me nywele ni very symbolic. MauMau walikuwa na hii nywele. We are black people, na hii ni Kenya. You can look and be how you want to be," he said.


In response to allegations linking his dreadlocks to membership in a cult, Chipukeezy vehemently denied any association with such organizations.

He adamantly declared his Christian faith and dismissed claims of engaging in sacrificial rituals or conforming to cult practices.


Asserting his freedom as a citizen of a democratic nation and continent, he rejected the notion that conformity should dictate opportunities.

"Am a Christian. Mambo ya kutoa sacrifice and all that bullshit, I dont do it. Am a free person, this is a free country and continent, so sio lazima ni conform ndio nipewe opportunity" he said.

Chipukeezy also talked about the prejudice faced by young people sporting dreadlocks, emphasizing that appearance does not define character.


He expressed solidarity with fellow youth who endure unwarranted scrutiny and discrimination based on their choice of hairstyle.

Chipukeezy urged society to look beyond superficial attributes and embrace diversity without prejudice.


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