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Chipukeezy pens appreciation to Charlene Ruto marking 10-year milestone

Chipukeezy will be holding an event in Thika to celebrate the 10-year achievement

Comedian Chipukeezy

State House MC and Comedian Vincent Mwasia, popularly known as Chipukeezy, is celebrating a new milestone while also commemorating his friendship with Charlene Ruto.

As he marks 10 years in the comedy industry, Chipukeezy expressed his appreciation for Charlene, not only as a friend but also as a significant part of his comedy journey.

Taking to his Instagram page, he shared a heartfelt message, acknowledging that explaining the true essence of friendship can be challenging, as it's not something learnt through life experiences.

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school but something you have to learn in life.


"The President’s Daughter Charlene Ruto, Thank you for being a great friend and for being part of my journey. Join us as we celebrate this decade achievement at The Ten Toes Down Event," Chipukezey wrote.

Charlene Ruto conveyed her congratulatory message through a video, expressing pride in Chipukeezy's remarkable success over the years.

Though she admitted not possessing a humorous disposition herself, she lauded Chipukeezy's talent and considered meeting funny individuals like him as a highlight in her life.


Charlene wholeheartedly celebrated Chipukeezy's decade-long career in the industry, terming it as nothing short of phenomenal.

“I'm not a funny person so when I meet funny people like Chipukeezy it is such a highlight for me. I’m so happy for you Chipukeezy as you celebrate 10 years in the industry which to me is phenomenal," she shared.

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Reflecting on her past experience attending one of Chipukeezy's shows, Charlene reminisced about its brilliance, although she couldn't quite recall if it was during his 5-year milestone celebration.


She proceeded to lend her support for Chipukeezy's upcoming show 'Ten Toes Down' at the Mwai Kikabi Convention Centre, expressing her excitement and anticipation for the event on August 5.

Charlene praised Chipukeezy for maintaining his youthful appearance, despite the passage of 10 years in the industry, and expressed her eagerness to enjoy his show.

Initially slated to occur at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Chipukeezy's 10th-anniversary celebration encountered a venue change to the Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre at MKU Thika.


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