Citizen TV presenter quits

It's a wrap for HD!

Citizen TV presenter quits

Citizen TV presenter Holy Dave Muthengi has called it quits, from the S.K Macharia owned TV station.

In a statement through his social media pages, Holy Dave said that he had decided to take a break as Bambika host after three years to concentrate on the final part of his PhD studies.

He went on to state that he was grateful for the growth and opportunities the job has brought his way, as he went on to thank the team he worked with for the three years.

Holy Dave also took the time to appreciate his fans for the love and support, promising them that he will continue releasing more music for them.

"If you want to walk on water, you have to get out the boat."

After careful consideration and soul-searching, I have made the decision to take a break from hosting #Bambika on Citizen TV. The past 3 years have brought opportunities for growth and I am grateful. I am very appreciative of the incredible team I have had the pleasure of working with. I am also thankful for all my supporters; both online and in the many counties I have traversed. Thank you for your constant love and encouragement. As I am drawing closer to the end of my PhD journey, every minute, every ounce of energy and every resource is critical towards my thesis research. In the waves of this change, I am looking forward to higher heights as I explore new territories. As always, new music is coming your way and the work of #SupportingEducationInKenya continues with the Muthengi Foundation, the networking forums with the Ruthless Focus Gang and of course the constant #InspirationForTheNation. Stay tuned for something big coming soon! #StillDreamingStillBelievingStillAchieving #BadoNazidI,” said Mr Muthengi.

Holy Dave Muthengi hosted the Bambika alongside Ms Karwirwa, DjGGActivist and Hypeman Timeless Noel.

Joey Muthengi

Holy Dave’s departure from the Royal Media Services (RMS) comes barely two years after his sister Joey Muthengi quit the station.

In November 2018, Ms Muthengi announced her exit, thanking the RMS management for giving her a chance to work with them.

"Tonight I laughed, cried, danced...sometimes at the same damn time. Thanks for tuning in to my final 10/10 show. Still hasn't sunk in yet. So many emotions. Like who cries on national TV??... Finally felt like I could give my natural hair a chance to shine tho (Had shaved my head bald a few weeks before I got my job at Citizen btw - fun fact) about things coming full circle! All in all I'm SO thankful for the opportunity. Looking forward to the future. Trusting that the God I serve got there waaay before me and is now preparing my path to the next chapter. Thanks a mil for the love. Watch this space...Cause HE ain't done with me yet. Can I get an Amen?!” she said.


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