Fans call out Owago Onyiro for allegedly stealing this photo

Showing off fake things!

Fans call out Owago Onyiro for allegedly stealing this photo

Comedian Owago Onyiro found himself on the receiving end after sharing a picture of nicely served fish on a plate, with cooked bananas (Matoke) with his over 284K Instagram followers.

He then caption the photo with the words, “Dry Fry Fish is ready and served for Supper.

Trouble started when a lady identified as Irene saw the picture, which she claimed was hers, and that the comedian had picked it from a Facebook group called Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals.

Irene went ahead to state that she does not remember getting an invite to go cook at the comedian’s house, at any given time.

I can't remember the time you invited me to your kitchen maaaan, I prepared that meal at the comfort of my house,” Irene responded to Owago’s post.

Fans then flocked the comedian’s Instagram post in support of Ms Irene as they called him out for showing off fake things.

Others asked Owago to give credit to Irene who is said to have shared the picture on the Facebook group last year (2019).

Here are some of their reactions;

gertrude_wairimu Ati Owago's kitchen. How shameless! Muibi. This is Irene's work.

sonniah254 Nimetoka lets cook Kenyan meal and am here representing Irene.Stop thieving 🤣🤣🤣

d_gitonyi 😂😂😂😂....give credit kwa mpishi....we know the owner 😂

wanjiruellah Team lets cook tuko ndaniii .picha irudishwe kwa mwenyewe

naomi_n_tatu Jeshi ya let's cook tumefika hapa, owago rudishia Irene chakula yake or you acknowledge her work.

wambui_harrison Patia mpishi wa hiyo chakula credit. We know the owner na food niya last year vaaaane😜😜😜😜😜

primroseayieko Are you sure this meal is yours 😂😂😂. It was posted way back in 2019 by one Irene Cheptap 😂😂😂😂 kwani iko mpaka 2020 ..

roseymdaku Umeiba post ya wenyewe claiming its your food! Fake standards

monniquemallens254 Unaset standards na chakula ya irene huku ndio utese kutesa lakini tunajua ukweli Kaka braza😂😂😂

nduta_icharia Stolen picture!!!!!! Give credit to the owner

maurine.21 Give credit to our fellow hustlers..this Irene’s food posted in october 2019..shame!!!


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