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Flaqo tackles Kibe's criticism after buying girlfriend Keranta a car

Flaqo responded to Kibe's criticism in a candid engagement with his fans

Flaqo with his girlfriend Keranta

Kenyan content creator Flaqo has responded to Andrew Kibe’s criticism after splashing money to buy a car for his girlfriend, Keranta.

Kibe claimed that the surprise gift to Keranta was not a surprise to the lady in reality as it was choreographed and only netizens were surprised.

Flaqo clarified that while the video capturing the moment when he presented the gift to Keranta was planned, she was not aware of the whole plan to gift her a car as alleged by Kibe.

In an interactive Q&A session on Instagram, a fan sought Flaqo’s take on Kibe’s claims.


"Kife alisema mlipanga surprise ati sisi ndio mlitusurprise fact or no?" a fan asked.

"That was a very wrong analysis Omera buana… Its obvious we all planned a surprise for her YouTube content, she knew cameras are rolling too for a surprise video… that is why she had sound and makeup on for her content unless mlitaka ashout kama ule msee wa 'tunaanza usiku' , what she didn't know is what the video is about

“Hizi vitu ni obvious omera mmeanza kuniangusa bwana," Flaqo responded.

The content creator who became an internet sensation at the height of Covid-19 gifted his girlfriend a Nissan Note as she celebrated her 22nd birthday on Tuesday, October 03.


Critics, led by Kibe weighed in swiftly to dismiss the gesture as clout-chasing, alleging that the whole thing was carefully planned to create a buzz and propel the pair’s careers.

How Keranta celebrated birthday

To celebrate her birthday, Flaqo arranged a picnic for Keranta and used the opportunity to usher her into the world of car owners, with his gesture causing a buzz on social media.

"One thing about comedians 🤣, they will get the baddies ata na mfuko bure, 🤣🚼. Happy birthday to this fantamagojiaz lady Keranta."


"Congratulations for the growth and for making me a better person, with your crazy comedy ideas and some scripts too (which nobody 👃🏽 about). Bon anniversaire young superstar, Je t’aime, and congrats on your first ride and for actually earning it, Merit," Flaqo wrote.

Keranta appreciated the gift, noting that she had just made her debut as a car-owner, courtesy of Flaqo.

"I am officially a car owner. Sasa nimesema kama place unaniita haina parking, sitakuja! God bless you so much, My Love."

The social media response was swift, with fans flooding the comments section to express their congratulations and admiration for the couple.


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