My dad was abusive and an alcoholic – Former Mother in Law actress opens up

She opens up!

My dad was abusive and an alcoholic – Former Mother in Law actress opens up

Former Mother in Law actress Idah Alisha who is popularly known as Olive has for the first time opened up on having an abusive father.

In a video she put up on her YouTube Channel, Olive who current lives in the United States said that her father was very abusive to her mother.

He narrated how her father was an alcoholic to a point that he could not function without drinking, and it worsened his relationship with her mother.

Olive, however, said that the best thing their mother did was choosing to leave their abusive father because it was also affecting them.

Let me tell you something I know all of you know me differently, some of you know me from TV some of you from here on Instagram, some of you know me from YouTube and some of you know me personally. When I was born, I found myself in a family that my dad was abusive and if my mum has done anything for us is the fact that she packed and left. I feel like that is the strongest thing my mother has ever done for us. I was like 3 or 4 years old and I witnessed my dad being abusive to my mum… my dad was like I would say an alcoholic or really just enjoyed drinking to the point that he did not function without alcohol and so this alcohol came between their relationship and whatever and he became abusive,” she said in the video.

Olive said that after leaving, they moved on with their mother and had the best life after, because their mother worked hard to give them the best she could.

We moved and then we had a great life, my mum oh God bless her she did everything she had to do for us to have a great life and that’s why we are where we are,” she added.

Abusive husband

In the video she also opened up on being in an abusive relationship with her ex-husband who was also abusive to the point that she developed panic attacks.

According to her, her ex took control of her including her finances and what kind of clothes she would wear, whenever they were going out, before she decided enough was enough and left for good.


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