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Reprieve for Stivo Simple Boy as businessman Gor Semelango intervenes

Businessman Gor Semelango came to Stivo Simple Boy’s rescue amid reports that the singer is broke & stressed.

Stivo Simple Boy with businessman Gor Semelango

Flamboyant city businessman Gor Semelango has stepped in to assist musician Stivo Simple Boy whose plight was brought to light by his wife, Grace Atieno.

Grace revealed that the singer is trapped in poverty with his family skipping meals and placed the blame squarely on his management, Men in Business.

A few hours later, the singer met the wealthy city businessman who intervened in the matter.

Gor put up a video on his Insta stories detailing part of what transpired during their meeting.


In the video, the singer could be heard expressing his gratitude and admiration for the businessman and encouraging others to emulate him and support talented artistes.

"Pia nashukuru CEO Gor Semelango kwa kunipatia kitu kidogo ya kula, na Mola akubari, tuendelee ivo ivo kusupport wasanii wa Kenya au sio? Ndio maanake," Stivo said thankfully.

"Nakupenda CEO Semelango, mwaah! Stivo wrote.


News about his economic situation was brought to light by the singer’s wife who appealed for help, noting that despite making music and rising to celebrity status, the singer is broke to a point that his family sometimes goes without meals.

"Manager wake anampatia stress, yeye anajikondea tu, wakati tulikuwa nae alikuwa ameungaunga tu sasa hivi ni stress ya manager wake, pesa zake na hizo account zake. “Si yeye ndio anatumia, si yeye ndo anazimanage yani kila kitu manager wake ndio anamanage (His manager is stressing him. He has grown thinner as compared to before as a result of his manager’s stress. He is not the one managing his accounts. Everything is managed by his manager),” Grace explained in an interview with content creators.

"Saa zingine zipo chakula lakini kuna time twakosa saa zingine twapata. Lakini mahali ako sioni kama atasaidika (Sometimes we have food and at other times we do not. I don’t see him getting help where he is currently)" she said when asked to clarify how they have been managing in the midst of the financial challenges.

According to her, the rapper is not only flat broke, but also unable to meet his basic needs, only that the rapper is too gentle and timid to confront his management for things to change.


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