Kiss 100 Presenter Jalang’o has weighed in on the ongoing discussion around Artcaffe’s exposure offer to creatives, in exchange with their work.

In a well written post, Jalas argued that sometimes all that creatives need is the platform (exposure) to showcase their work and along the way connect with potential clients.

The Bonga na Jalas host, went on to defend his argument saying he is also a product of exposure after Chris Kirwa gave him the opportunity to host the World Cup trophy tour at Nyayo stadium back in 2010.

Jalang'o with Kamene Goro
Jalang'o with Kamene Goro

I am a product of exposure

His sentiments come at time netizens have been accusing Artcaffe of exploitation following their offer to creatives to design artworks for their take-away coffee cups and in return be paid with exposure.

“Today we had a very interesting argument with Kamene after everyone went ham on artcaffe offer to artists!!

I once or twice asked creatives to design my logos at 10k for the best, 10k is not even worth what they created for me but by posting their work even many who did not win come back to me saying from your posts I got jobs! The people who won even have more jobs! Many people in the creatives sometimes just need platforms to showcase their work and that's why if you were to organise a talent or creative search millions of creatives will come out just to have that platform. I remember when starting at the theatre when our pay was just a packet of chips and salamu🤣🤣🤣🤣 and that exposure got me to be seen now I get paid for what I exposed! In 2010 @chriskirwa gambled with me to Mc the trophy tour at Nyayo stadium,that exposure got me a chance to Mc at the World cup in South africa! In short Iam a product of exposure!” said Jalang’o.

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Exposure pays

The media personality further stated that exposure only pays when you know what to do with the exposure you get from the given platform.

I had to create the Jalango Xtra on my YouTube channel just to try and contain the number of artists flocking Miale on my shoot days asking for a chance to expose their talent! Exposure pays when you know what to do with the exposure you get from a platform! If I was an arts artist struggling to have my work out there I would be at Artcaffe now! The traffic at Artcaffe branches is high than at any art gallery ! Can you imagine having your work displayed in all their branches? No art gallery will give you that traffic in Kenya! I know of art galleries that open up everyday and not even a single person walks in! I know of artists who have their work stacked at home wishing to have them out there! If you are already an established artist you dont have to go to Artcaffe let the budding artist go for it to have their work showcased! Did you know that artists sometimes have to pay to have their work exposed in Galleries!



I know I struggled to be where Iam and not everyone has to struggle, you can as well keep your creative work and push them the way you always but you can always try!” added Jalang’o.

Artcaffe also defended themselves saying, “The whole purpose of this competition is to give artists & designers exposure & opportunity by using our platforms to reach a wide audience with their skill & craft. If you read the details, 1st prize is exhibition space or an internship with our design team.”

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