It hasn’t been easy – Terryanne Chebet on co-parenting

Every situation is different – Terryanne

It hasn’t been easy – Terryanne Chebet on co-parenting

Former Citizen TV business news anchor Terryanne Chebet has said that co-parenting has not been 100 percent easy for her and it got to a point where the child had to come first.

While responding to a co-parenting question asked by a fan on YouTube, the mother of two said that both parents have to put aside any differences for the sake of the child, but they don’t have to be best friends.

For me it hasn’t been 100 percent easy but it had to get to a place where we had to put the child first and you both ask, can we put aside our own worries, fears, our own egos, so that we put the life and interest of the child first and sometimes it might take a while. I always say you don’t have to be best friends with your co-parent. Mutual respect, cordial relationship, such that you’ll not pass each other, once in a while they can call and speak to the child or come pick the child,” said Chebet.

Terryanne Chebet further advised that for co-parenting to work, both parents must have respect for each other.

She added that it is something that takes time to grow within the parties involved and that some have learnt to be friends and to co-parent along the way.

That’s a very difficult and a very touchy question as well but the short answer I would say is that try to be in a place where you respect each other. You respect the other parent, they respect you. You have to get there for you to be able to co-parent. Respect takes a longtime to grow especially after trust has been broken or there’s feelings of stress or distress or whatever it is that has caused the two parents to be alone. It not easy to co-parent and I’m sure there are people who have learnt along the way and having a great journey co-parenting but I don’t think it’s 100 percent easy,” she said.


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