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Details of Maribe's call to Eric Omondi that forced him to tone down on paternity issue

Jacque Maribe warned that she is tired of Eric Omondi's stupidity and requested him to stay away from her and son Zahari

Jacque Maribe

Comedian Eric Omondi has shared details of a phone call with Jacque Maribe that led to a promise of silence on the matter of Maribe's son's paternity.

In an interview with Mungai Eve after returning from Tanzania, Eric Omondi opened up about the phone call with Maribe.

According to Eric, Jacque confronted him about his public statements, expressing concern about the lack of control he exhibited in discussing the paternity issue.

Eric shared that Jacque's request put him on the spot and made him realize the potential harm caused by his words.


During the conversation, Jacque pointed out that it was not just about them but also about their son. Eric acknowledged the validity of her concern and promised to respect her wishes for silence.

"Yesterday, Jacque called me and told me not to speak or discuss that story. She's my best friend, by the way, so I said let me respect her. She said, 'Eric, don't talk about this again, it causes problems.

"It's not fair, not even for the kid, not even for me, not even for other people.' So I apologized and respected her request. If I talk about it again, I would be disrespecting her," Eric told Eve Mungai


He emphasized his understanding that discussing the matter publicly could be unfair not only to their child but also to Jacque and others involved.

Omondi revealed that he will honour Maribe’s request and will consequently keep away from the duo.


Maribe took offence with the comedian for discussing their private matters on social media.

"Nimechoka an hii ujinga. I've kept quiet for long. This liar called Eric should come correct and I come with receipts. I have resisted responding to this liar. He thinks parenting is part of his comedy. He lies about everything. Leave my name and my child out of your comedy Eric. I'm tired," Maribe wrote after Omondi revisited the matter earlier this week.

Omondi promised to keep away from discussing matters relating to the boy as warned by lawyers to avoid facing charges at the children's court.


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