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Jalang’o’s reaction as KOT accuse him of being the cause of Andrew Kibe’s exit from Kiss 100

Is Jalang'o set to replace Kibe on Kiss 100?

Jalang'o with Andrew Kibe. Jalang’o’s reaction as KOT accuse him of being the cause of Andrew Kibe’s exit from Kiss 100

On Tuesday, Media personality cum Comedian Jalang’o was thrown at the center of Andrew Kibe exit from Radio Africa owned station Kiss 100.

Kenyans On Twitter, made Jalang’o a trending topic, with many speculating that the former Milele FM presenter was headed to Kiss 100 and that’s why Kibe had to part ways with the station.

Upon seeing his name trending at number one on Twitter, the funnyman, sought to find what KOT was saying about him, stating that his Twitter handle got hacked and he can't ascertain why he was trending.

“Waaaaa....Jameni what is it again?..Just woken up? Someone update me. My Twitter was Hacked,” reacted Jalang’o.


Jalang'o on his Return to Radio Africa

Just the other day, Jalang’o hinted that he might end up working with Radio Africa Group, but he did not disclose the specific radio station. He mentioned that he had already received calls from more than 8 radio stations asking for his services.

However, he said that he had talked to his former boss at Radio Africa and he could be headed to one of the radio stations under Radio Africa.

“I might end up on Waiyaki way. There are so many radio stations there is NRG, there’s Radio Jambo, there’s Kiss, there’s Classic, so you decide. But I had an amazing meeting with my friend and boss, the first person who ever gave me the first ever radio contract Mr. Patrick Quarcoo and we had a long discussion. So take away NRG Radio, but I think I might end up back at where it all began. Radio Africa, which radio? I don’t know,” said Jalang’o in one of his #BongaNaJalas shows.


Kibe's Exit from Kiss 100

Then, on June 30th, 2020 Andrew Kibe who used to host the Breakfast show alongside Kamene Goro announced that he had ended his relationship with Kiss 100 barely year after joining from NRG.

“It's been real watu nguyas. I will miss all your nonsense in the morning especially @KameneGoro @Kiss100kenya #KameneAndKibe,” tweeted Kibe.


Could this be mere coincidence or Jalang’o will be replacing Kibe on the Morning Kiss at Kiss 100?

Reactions from KOT


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