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KRG’s alleged baby mama takes journalist to room where she conceived Yvonne

KRG The Don lived in this single room and made me pregnant here – Yvonnes mother, Susan said with a neighbour confirming her story

A screengrab image of KRG The Don’s alleged baby mama, Susan pointing at the room where Yvonne was allegedly conceived in Ndumberi [YouTube]

Musician KRG The Don’s alleged baby mama, Susan Kinyanjui went to the house where she claims KRG was living when he impregnated her in 2002 armed with a camera and journalist in tow with neighbours giving their take on her alleged involvement with the musician.

The mother of one took YouTuber to the single room located in Ndumberi to substantiate her claims that the singer was not well off financially and was living in a single room when they dated.

"Nilipata ball ya Yvonne nikiwa kwa hii nyumba (I conceived Yvonne in this house)" Susan told the YouTuber while pointing at the house where it all happened allegedly.

The 34-year-old maintained that KRG lived in the house until 2004 when he vacated after she pressured him to take care of their alleged daughter Yvonne.


According to her, the singer simply disappeared into the thin air until fate brought them back together many years later, and with her daughter now a teenager.

Hii ploti hapa ndo nilipata mimba ya Yvonne 2002 alafu 2003 nkapata mtoi. Sasa after kuletana juu 2004 ndo akahama sasa sijui penye alienda, (I conceived Yvonne here in 2002 and gave bitrth to her in 2003. After a tussle, he vacated in 2004 and I do not know where he moved to)” Susan said.

Neighbours give their take

Her recollection was corroborated by a neighbour who identified the singer as the tenant who lived in the single room between 2002 and 2004.


The neighbour recounted that at the time, the occupant of the room in question went by the name Jojes and would be seen with Susan frequently.

"Huyo mzee namjua alikua anaitwa 'Jojes' na alikua anaishi hapo kwa Runga. Ilikua 2002 na alikaa hapo for two years and then akahama hapo 2004.

"Nlikua nawaona tu sijui kama walikua urafiki, I don't know. Lakini nilikua nawaona," the neighbour explained.

With the former neighbour backing her claims, Susan noted that all she now needs to put the matter of her daughter’s paternity to rest is a DNA test.


"Sasa staki tupelekani hivi hivi, nataka DNA. Ehh nataka DNA hakuna kitu ingine nataka. DNA ndo msema ukweli," Susan said.

The pair (KRG and Susan) recently met in an interview organized by Nicholas Kioko.

The puzzle of age and teenage pregnancy

According to Susan, they met in 2002 in Gikomba when the musician was an adult with a national ID when she got pregnant.

KRG on the other hand maintained that at the time, he was still a child having been born on January 10, 1991, meaning that he was aged 11.


"Mimi nkikujua 2002 ulikua kazi na ulikua na ID," Susan stated with KRG countering that he was a minor in 2002 and he was nowhere near Gikomba as he was in Narok, adding that there was no way he could have sired the baby.

"Mimi nimeezaliwa 1991 January tarehe kumi, ok? Mama mzazi yuko hajaenda mahali. Baba yuko, nko na stakabali zote za kenya, nko na mandugu, nko na majirani na wengine they can come and attest to that. Mimi sijawai kuwa Gikomba 2002," KRG said.

The meeting however ended in drama with the pair almost fighting after tempers flared with the singer walking out.


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