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Terence Creative and wife Chebby breaking up? Is Kush Tracey saved? and top entertainment stories this week

So it is another amazing Friday where #UhondoMtaani gets to serve you with hottest stories making headlines in the entertainment industry this week.

Trouble in paradise for Terence Creative and Milly Chebby?

Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby has refuted claims that her family is breaking up.

For the better part of this week, rumours went viral that the two love birds were going through a tough time, following a series of posts shared by Chebby. In one of the posts Chebby promised to make a public announcement but later aborted the mission saying; “God I need strength for two, mine and Mila (daughter) before I lose it. Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was.”

In the posts that were later on deleted, Chebby shared a picture with Terence which she captioned remembering the days (good old days) when all they had was love, with a crying emoji at the end. The updates caused anxiety among their followers who opted to get a clarification from the couple.

A curious fan identified as Barbara Kinyua said “Was one of your biggest fan and I don’t wanna believe what I heard. Please I love you guys so much”.

Putting a stop on the allegations Milly Chebby said “ We are fine imagine ignore the rumours. If you did not hear it from us then it’s a rumour, keep loving us.

A cross-check on Instagram indicates that Milly Chebby un-followed her hubby and he is the only one following her now.

Do you feel like there is a storm in this paradise? Uhondo Team lets you be the judge!

Kush Tracy's switch to Gospel a sham?

You have heard of singer Kush Tracy if you have been following entertainment news this week. Singer Kush Tracey made headlines in 2015 after she remixed Kristoff’s hit song Dandia and in 2019 January announced that she had switched to Gospel music.

The big question, however, is if she really got saved and changed her ways. Her actions say the opposite as she hosts events in clubs including Karaoke among others.

The most recent one is XS Millionaires where she hosted Powerball Thursday and event has been hosted by socialites like Vera Sidika and Bridget Achieng before. Uhondo Team understands that Powerball Thursdays involves strippers dancing as people watch and have fun.

Could she be taking the ‘gospel’ to these clubs? Spare us the pretense Kush!!

Has Danny Gift ditched EMB Records?

In April this year, EMB Records President Kevin Bahati unveiled Gospel singer Danny Gift as his new signee in an event dubbed EMB rebirth.

Danny Gift’s signing came months after a massive exodus was witnessed at the record label led by Mr Seed and David Wonder.

Danny and Bahati also released a song together as they started their new relationship at EMB. However, speculations ran high with claims that the singer (Gift) had ditched the record label but this was not made public.

A few days ago, Bahati while speaking in an episode of Bahati reality clearly stated that EMB had only two artistes signed one being Peter blessing who is a singer and the other being rapper Weezdom who recently returned to the label years after ditching EMB for Genius Records.

With the coming in and leaving of artistes at EMB Records, it definitely means that something is amiss at the Bahati owned label, and the sooner it is fixed, the better. Best wishes from #UhondoMtaani as you try to fix things up Bahati.

Truth about Kristoff cheating on Yvonne Darcq with Kush Tracey

Over the past few days, social media has been full of claims that Kristoff had cheated on his girlfriend Yvonne Darcq with Switch TV presenter Kush Tracey.

In the viral video the Rainbow maker is seen holding hands with Kush Tracy heading to his car, before Yvonne interrupted their movement forcing Kush to walk way as the two tried to resolve their issues.

Uhondo Team has been following up on matter and the truth of the matter is that the three (Kristoff, Ms Darcq and Kush) have a song out together and the video was just a publicity stunt to get people talking about them. The song is called BASH.

#UhondoMtaani has a word of advice for Kush, Kristoff and Yvonne Darcq. You had it all figured out, you almost made people in the villages believe your little stunt, just do it better next time and don’t have the same script whenever journalists reach out to get your sides of the story. You failed!!

Harmonize got married! Who do we believe?

Harmonize’s fans were thrown into a confusion after his manager Mjerumani, disclosed that the Kwangwaru hit-maker is not married despite his much publicized wedding photos.

According to the Manager, Konde Boy was shooting a wedding inspired video, for his upcoming single dubbed “Marry Me” and opted to borrow a leaf from Diamond’s song Iyena that had the same setting and theme.

She affirmed that Harmonize is not the kind of person to opt for a low-key wedding, due to his status in the society and music industry at large.

"Hakukuwa na ndoa yoyote pale. Kinachoendelea ni kwamba Harmonize ana-shoot video ya wimbo mpya ambao unahusiana na mambo ya harusi kama ule ambao Diamond (mwanamuziki Nasibu Abdul) ali-shoot na Zari (Iyena),” Said Mjerumani.

At this point even we (Uhondo Team) don’t know who to believe between Harmonize’s manager and the wedding pictures! You can find a balance.


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