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Netizens troll Huddah Monroe after belittling Eliud Kipchoge's sh 500,000 suit

But Kipchoge didn't have to sleep with anyone to get his suit!

Netizens troll Huddah Monroe after belittling Eliud Kipchoge’s sh 500,000 suit

Netizens attacked businesswoman Huddah Monroe after she diminished Kenya’s marathon world record holder, Eliud Kipchoge’s sh 500, 000 suit after he featured in GQ magazine on Monday 30th March.

In an insta story seen by Pulse Live, Ms Monroe was surprised that Kipchoge's suit caused such a hullabaloo online, yet her Van Cleef designer earrings cost the same price

Lol! $5,000 dollar suit is news? My van cleef earrings are $5000 a pair lmfao!” said the beauty.


The angry fans criticized the Huddah Cosmetics CEO, for comparing herself to King Choge, yet he had done outstanding things and put Kenya on the map. They commended Eliud for his hardwork saying Huddah was irrelevant since she acquired her money from men.

Can’t compare stuff bought by whoring with GQ cover magazine styling that’s earned” read one of the comments.

They condemned her for the remarks, calling her petty for sharing the information yet no one had asked her for it. Others suggested that she should wear them with a price tag just to let people know how expensive she is.

Netizens encouraged her to be selfless and let people shine since she is an attention seeker who loves when the spotlight is shining on her. .


Here are the comments;

annitahraey But he didn't have to sleep with anyone for it 🙄

ilyaadu.c Why talk about earrings bana, this woman is super irrelevant I don't know if you notice 😂😂😂

briankipko Yeah a pair nyinyi wote mko na mileage ya kipchoge ni mbio yako ni kule downstairs see the difference

frank_don_254 Hater😁 she will never be in the GQ magazine ata ufanye nini


dailybhaddie Her comment was so unnecessary

mkoleshian huwezi compare earings za umalaya na hardwork ya kipchoge fuck off

d_mwangi But kipchoge didn't have to sleep with anyone to get his suit.

_lesinko Compete with someone your own type eliud ata anakujua ? Lol delusional woman 😂


selebwa_selebwa Tutanatambua ya kipchoge cos ni effort yake @huddahthebosschick

johnte_holms Ya Kingchoge ni pesa safi ya hudda ni pesa ya kuuuza nunu why the fuck should we be proud of her🤣🤣🤣🤣

hoodrich277 Huddah unachocha na ,@6ix9ine Anavaa nyumba yako kwa shingoo’

alvin_amandla Atleast he represents kenya at some point in a very big way so "boss something " please tell us how the fuck you've made an impact in kenya with your ear rings

_.autum.n Si ukuwe unazivaa zikiwa na price tag basi...


boni_ragz anaringa na iyo sura inafanana ya wanaume wa china ... 😂😂😂😂😂

__eye.candy_ You cant let pple shine....does it always have to be you🙌


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