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Comedian Obinna lectured by angry fans after posting this photo of pregnant Tanzanian actress

Shame on you!

Comedian Obinna lectured by angry fans after posting this photo of pregnant Tanzanian actress

Comedian and Nation FM presenter Oga Obinna met the wrath of angry Kenyans after sharing a picture of expectant Tanzanian actress Tausi Mdegela.

In the post, the comedian went on to caption the picture saying that men have no limits and they go ahead and impregnate people like Tausi who is a dwarf. Obinna tagged Joe Muchiri and Blak Aende who went on joke about the post.

Boychild has no limits chisos!! @joewmuchiri @blakaende who did this???” read his post.


The post did not go down well with hundreds of the comedian’s followers who took it upon themselves to express displeasure with what he had done.

They went on to say that he should have respect for all human beings, as some asked for God’s forgiveness upon his life.

The actress who is a dwarf has never shied away from sharing details of her pregnancy with her fans, together with her husband who goes by the name Chris.

Here are the reactions;


starchebet Some of us were birthed and raised by people living with Disabilities.This is wrong on so many levels!🙄🙄 This is not Savage,it's stupidity!!

kitaleishome Insensitive and inappropriate.

yuu_mad_maax Wtf brow this is soo wrong manzee nothink funny man

aisha___swab Kwani hana nunu??or she's not supposed kuzaa or kua na mwanaune???

fancychepkorir This is sooo wrong how could you post such she is a woman and she deserves to have a family shame on you!


st.rong50 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Just wish her all the best Ur asking who did this even u.. U wat to be pregnant 😆😆😆😆

jaclinenyokabi Aint funny this is someone's wife

ben_de_blue Well am your fan but this is inappropriate and uncalled she not a human being?she's disabled not inabled😢

djonewizzy It ain't funny at all..she is so proud of her pregnancy unampost wa nini kwani we ndo ulimweka?choose your I don't know wheather jokes,sarcasm, or whatever wisely mahn!!

_k.i.s.s.y Shame on you! Doesn't it mean being disabled you don't deserve to be loved and have children of your own? You are taking this comedy too far. You better pull that post down.


beth_kamande Her Name is Tausi from Tanzania, respect her and pull down this

zawadi_oenga Shame on you! Lame comedy! Nkt

calvin_sharrp RUBBISH!! Huu Ni Upuzi Wa Aina Yake. You should be Ashamed Of Yourself If You Don't Pull This Post Down😡😡

popo_house_of_beauty Human RIGHTS ACTIVISTS WHERE ARE U......OGAOBINA PLSSS WE DEMAND APOLOGYZ this is not cool

anita_soina tausimdege is human just like any other person. She's blessed to have a baby and nothing is a joke here. I wonder what people are laughing at here surely. His husband Chris is proud of the baby as well


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