DJ MO’s powerful message after the death of Papa Dennis

Open up and lets be real to each other- DJ Mo

DJ MO’s powerful message after the death of Papa Dennis

Media Personality DJ Mo has urged people in the limelight and Kenyans at large to embrace the art of speaking out no matter what they are going through, after the death of singer Papa Dennis was linked to Depression.

In a number of Insta-stories, Mo pointed out that cases of depression are on the rise but many people fear opening up to their friends or family on grounds of being judged.

He also asked people to refrain from discussing their brothers and sisters when they share with them the struggles they are going through.

“Open up and let’s be real to each other. If you are depressed kindly open up to those you trust… depression is a serious disease let’s all be there for each other. Depression is out here minting this generation out coz we all a bunch of fakes!!! Am bitter. I have to talk about this for those who will be in a position to read it and share, we live in a world right now where kindness and being vulnerable is seen as being too easy and stupid. You open up to family or friends they go from committees behind you back to laugh, make jokes on how stupid you are still in 2020; yet they say a problem shared is a problem half solved!!. Many opt to rather die with their problems. To any one going through depression if you have a mother still a live no matter where you live, get to your mother and share your situation” shared DJ MO.

He added that “I have a celebrity friend I can’t mention. December he texted me about to end his life. Things have been going south for him and he can’t trust anyone because he says people expect a lot from him as a public figure. It took a lot of convincing for him to open up to me so that I can help him. Men are the most affected. It’s worse when you are a public figure, or when the public sees you as successful but then kwa ground vitu are changing”.

The mysterious death of Papa Dennis

Mo’s advice comes days after gospel singer Papa Dennis died under unclear circumstances.

Hours after his death, reports surfaced on his struggles, painting a picture of a hard-working young man, struggling to make ends meet while the society believed he was wealthy, owing to his flashy lifestyle at the peak of his career.

Struggling to make ends meet

A post seen by allege that Papa Dennis made cash but did not invest in his future and was left empty-handed when he parted ways with his former Management.

“I wish people knew the real Papa Dennis. Nothing true about those rumours. Papa was struggling, he was a poor boy. Very frustrated because people thought he had money. The truth is that Maliza Umaskini outfit used him as their brand, signed deals, and made him a big brand. Then they abandoned him after he fell out with Sadat, the Maliza Umaskini guru...That boy was miserable. Ujinga wake ni kwamba at the time he was still at Maliza Umaskini, he never invested a coin in any side hustles. Sasa hana kakitu, and people still believe ako na doo. I believe he took his own life!!!” read the lengthy post.

It is alleged that the award winning singer died after falling from an apartment building in Pangani and police suspect suicide.


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