Pitson opens up on how wife served him with divorce papers over mistrust

He opens up!

Pitson opens up on how wife served him with divorce papers over mistrust

Gospel singer Pitson has for the first time opened up on how his wife Caroline Nyokabi decided to serve him with divorce papers, over mistrust.

Speaking when they both appeared on The Murayas reality show, the singer and his wife narrated how going through his phone messages almost broke their marriage. He disclosed that they had gotten to the point that anything she did pissed him off, and everything he did pissed the wife off.

According to him, the situation escalated to the wife serving him divorce papers and that is when it dawned on him that she was very serious about divorcing him.

Pitson said that the wife left and went to live with her parents, and it took him three weeks to go bring her back.

Unaamka unaona divorce papers hapo. Unajua mdame akisema anataka kuenda haikuwangi serious mpaka sasa ameamua ameleta divorce papers, hio kitu inashtua. Bibi ni lawyer na akarudi kwao… Nilimuendea after three weeks,” said Pitson.

Size 8

DJ Mo’s wife and singer Size 8 also mentioned that she once threw her husband out of the house with all his belongings and it took the intervention of their pastor for her to let him back into the house.

Hizo 7 years tumekuwa na yeye has been drama. Kucall mpaka ancestors… Kuna siku nilitupa Mo nje na kila kitu yake. Ilibidi Passy anicall ndio nifungue mlango,” said Size 8.

She narrated another instance where she packed and left her matrimonial home, went to a posh city estate and rented an expensive apartment, just show DJ Mo that he was not the one that was keeping him.

Nilikomboa mahali prestigious asione ni yeye ananiweka… sikuwa napenda kushindwa, nilienda nikakomboa nyumba nikaifurnish… Mo alihave kuenda kuona pastor kila siku,” she added.


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