I was afraid to sleep, I thought I would not wake up – Size 8

She opens up!

I was afraid to sleep, I thought I would not wake up – Size 8

Gospel singer Size 8 has opened up on a conversation she had with her pharmacist that got her afraid of sleeping, because she thought she would not wake up again.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the mother of two narrated how her pharmacist found her blood pressure to be extremely high and kept asking how she was still able to walk.

The pharmacist went on to say that her pressure was too high and in normal circumstances, she should have been in hospital or even in the intensive care unit (ICU).

According to Size 8, she responded saying that it was God who had decided that she lives, admitting that at some point, she felt that if she slept, she would not wake up again.

Here’s her post;

Good morning to whoever is reading this please don’t open your mouth and complain or murmur this morning you have life from God that’s enough to give Him praise. Yesterday my blood pressure was over the roof so high that the pharmacist kept on asking me how is it that you are walking with those pressure readings you should be hospitalized unable to function or even in the ICU i answered him well i am living because Yaweh decided that i live not because of my body condition!!!! I wouldn't lie at some point i was afraid to sleep i thought i may not wake up but the holy spirit remained me of Paul the apostle who God told He must go to Rome so even when He was found in a shipwreck or the deadly snake bite him He never was afraid He knew He can’t die He must reach Rome because God says he will.

His faith remained strong in God for Jesus holds the key to life and death!!!! God the sovereign God has kept us thru the night anything might have gone wrong that may have caused us to die but we are alive let us praise Him and worship Him in spirit and in truth!!!! Some celebrate life in Jesus!!!!!! Keep the faith it will happen just as God told you no matter the obstacles!!!!! Acts 27:25


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