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Betty Kyallo finally quashes beef with sister Mercy, spends weekend at her place (Video)

We had a small rough patch- Betty

Betty Kyallo and Sister Mercy Kyallo

Media personality Betty Kyallo has finally quashed her beef with sister Mercy Kyallo and even spent the weekend at her place.

In the latest Episode of Betty Kyallo Lately, Ms Kyallo mentioned that she had a rough patch with her sister but they were able to iron out their differences.

She also made it clear that their fall out was just the normal sibling disagreements but she is glad they are now in talking terms.


Rough Patch

“Me and Mercy we are okay, we had a small rough patch, but you know it happens every time…But let me tell you something guys, you always have this situation with your siblings. Its Normal there is nothing weird about it. You Kosana with your mum, you Kosana with your Dad, and if you gonna say no you are lying to me. Because its not possible to live a life where you are just perfectly happy, with the people who are in your life, but now were are cool with Mercy. The next episode if she is not busy she will be here… She is a very good host and the place where she stays is very beautiful,” said Betty Kyallo.

Her statement come days after fans poked holes into their relationship, following Mercy's absence at Betty Kyallo’s daughter Ivanna’s birthday as well as Betty’s big launch of Flair by Betty.


Siblings disagreements

Just the other day, Mercy admitted that as siblings they always have disagreements but she is happy with her sisters achievements.

“Ukweli ni najua tuko na mashabaki wengi Kenya hii na unapata mashabiki wanatuandikia hata DM wanatuambia msikosane but nilisema ntasema tu kidogo. Maneno ya undugu ni nyingi sana na sisi wote tuko na ndugu, n ahata marafiki wanajua tu wapendanao ni wao wakosanao pia. Ni maneno ya undugu.

I am so happy for my sister hata yeye mwenyewe anajua mahali ako, I’m so happy and hata nyumbani we are so happy for one another and all our wins na huwa sisi wote tunasupportiana all through… Ukiangalia familia kutoka nje na ukiangalia kutoka ndani, ni vitu tofauti kabisa. Familia kutoka ndani watu wako na wewe kila siku support si ile siku ya mwisho… support comes in so many ways,” said Mercy Kyallo.




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