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I've made peace with my health condition, I might die anytime - TikToker Nyako

TikToker Nyako shares her belief that she could be the next one to die after Brian Chira, revealing her ongoing battle with a health condition that she has come to terms with.

TikToker Nyako

In a recent revelation that has left many surprised Pilot Nyako has expressed deep regret over not reconciling with Brian Chira before his tragic demise in an accident.

the controversial TikToker recounted her friendship with Chira, which initially led her to extend a helping hand to the late content creator, offering him a place to call home and stability.

Their bond took a sour turn when Chira accused Nyako of allegedly speaking ill of his late mother on TikTok.


Despite his attempts to mend the rift, the mother of three chose to distance herself from him, preferring to maintain her peace.

In hindsight, Nyako acknowledged feeling remorseful for not engaging in a conversation with Chira to address their differences while he was still alive.

During her live session on March 20, Nyako admitted that she, along with others, had failed Chira by not extending support when he reached out for help.


She emphasised the importance of accepting responsibility for their collective failure instead of portraying themselves as heroes.

"We have let Brian down, all of us, including me. We have let him down. And I think I let him down more because he reached out to me everywhere, and I said no; when it comes to Brian, I want my peace. So let's all accept that we have let him down instead of pretending to be heroes," she said.


Nyako also addressed predictions about her mortality and revealed her acceptance of her health condition.

Despite feeling that her days may be numbered due to her health issues, Nyako expressed a sense of peace and readiness to face whatever may come.

She spoke of her anticipation of a reunion with Chira in the afterlife, where they could reconcile and mend their relationship.


"Maybe I'm next. I feel my days are numbered. I'll meet him somewhere. We're going to be friends. We'll all cross paths someday. I'm sick too and have health issues, I can die anytime. I've already made peace with my condition long ago. So we'll die, and I'll be happy to meet Brian Chira when I cross," she added


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