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Bahati blocks Baby Mama, Pastor Ng’ang’a takes on King Kaka and other stories on #UhondoMtaani


Bahati blocks Baby Mama, Pastor Ng’ang’a takes on King Kaka and other stories on #UhondoMtaani

Another beautiful Friday and as we all prepare to completely switch into the Festive mood #UhondoMtaani brings you the last part of your favorite segment for 2019.

So let’s get straight to the business of the day!

Bahati blocked his Baby Mama!


Gospel singer Bahati saw it fit to block his baby mama, Yvette Obura! Can you imagine! Speaking on Bahati Reality, the singer said he blocked the mother to his daughter, because she was talking to blogs about him.

He went on to say that at the time he only communicated with Mueni’s grandmother, further accusing Yvette of wishing herself a Happy Father’s Day, instead of him.

Haujui mbona nilikublock? Sasa kama mtu hajui mbona nilimblock si hakuna haja ya hii meeting. Kama Yvette naamka leo tuko sawa, kidogo watu wametuona kwa Bahati Reality usiku, asubuhi najipata niko Mpasho. Kuna saa Yvette ameniweka kwa blogs sana for no good reason hadi nikaanza kudhani anafanya kazi huko. Sasa utafanya aje ndio usione huyu mtu, si unamblock. Mimi naongeanga na shosho yake. I’ll do anything to make sure my daughter gets the best life that I never had… Siku ya Father’s Day for example ameamka ameambia mtoto oh ‘Hi my daughter, happy Father’s Day to me because I’m your father’ sasa mimi nimekaa kwa hii meeting kama uncle ama relative?” said Bahati.

In response, Ms Obura stated that she has never done such a thing and she only wished her father and brothers a Happy Father’s Day. Co-parenting can be difficult, right?

Otile Brown deletes new song


RnB singer, Otile Brown was forced to delete his latest song ‘Nauelewa’ from YouTube. Otile had featured is Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet as a vixen.

In a series of Insta-Stories he posted on Instagram, the ‘Baby love’ hit maker explained that he had to pull it down because Nabayet’s family did not appreciate her being featured in the video.

He went on to explain that they didn’t know the video would bring forth any issue since she was just making an appearance and Nabbi was not acting like a video vixen, since the video was ready as they had shot it a long time ago.

He apologized to his fans for the inconvenience, saying he would find a way to post the audio or an edited version of the video.


“I respect my girl and I love her at the end of the day it’s not about me or my fans, it’s something that affects somebody who is close to me and in one way or another I have to respect her. So, I had to do it for my girl,” said Otile.

Size 8 steps out with Muraya Jr

Gospel singer Linet Munyali who goes by the stage name Size 8 this week stepped out with her newborn baby for the first time.

In photos seen by, an excited Size 8 could not hide her joy, even as she hid her newborn child’s face from the public.


The mother of two went on to say how grateful she was to God for blessing her with another child and for always taking care of her.

See God!!!!! Father Lord I take this opportunity to publicly praise you for the victory I've seen in my life!!! You have given me life and blessed me with another child I give you glory! In my weakness and imperfections you have showed me with your MERCY and clothed me with your GRACE!! This is all about you JEHOVAH! Never about me!!!! HALLELUJAH GLORY TO THE LIVING GOD!!! May I earnestly seek you with my heart and mind now and forever more!!! IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!” wrote Size 8.

Wengi walichora tattoo – Alikiba on Bridget Achieng’s claims

Kings Music Records boss Alikiba finally spoke after Kenyan socialite and former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng claimed to be his ex-girlfriend.


Addressing the media during the launch of his new song featuring Christian Bella (Chaku), King Kiba said that he received the claims as a message from any other fan.

He went on to say that she (Bridget Achieng) is not the first to have a tattoo of his name as many other fans had done that before.

Mimi nalipokea kama fan na sio yeye pekeake kuna wengi tu walichora na nishaonaga zamani sana ile tattoo yeah,” said Kiba.

His words came just a day after Ms Achieng in an interview with a local radio station claimed that they were a couple but the relationship did not last long.

She said they only dated for about a year before they went separate ways, but they remain close friends.


Pastor Ng’ang’a vs King Kaka

The week came to a close with drama after Apostle James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism responded to King Kaka for mentioning him in his song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’

In a video that has since gone viral, the Neno Evangelism preacher said King Kaka is foolish and he should look for his age mates to play with.

He went on to ask the Kaka Empire boss to look for touts to talk with, because he (Ng’ang’a) is a commander, as he kept on referring to him as Kang Kaka instead of King Kaka.


Ng’ang’a added that they live in two different worlds, further stating that the rapper’s mother is his girlfriend. He also reiterated that the message should get to King Kaka.

Hata kuna mwingine huyu amesema afadhali Ng’ang’a anadanganya watu. Sijui shetani gani anaitwa Kang Kaka. Kang Kaka wewe ni mjinga tafuta rika yako mkangkake nao. Tafuta wale watu wanatembea na matatu. Kang Kaka tafuta watu wa matatu, manamba ya matatu muongee nao this is a commander. Wewe unaongea na nani nikama jua na mwezi. Mwezi ni ya usiku, jua inatawala mchana, Halellujah wakati watu ni wengi. Kang Kaka wee pepo wa wapi wewe hujui mama yako. Kang Kaka mama yako ni my girlfriend. Kang Kaka mama yako ni my girlfriend. King Kaka mama yako ni my girlfriend, wherever you are. Tell King Kaka your mother is my girlfriend,” said the preacher.

#UhondoMtaani wishes you our reader and loyal fan a Merry Christmas!


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