Socialite cum business woman Vera Sidika is out here gushing over her new lover Brown Mauzo, bragging about how he is going all out to make her happy.

In a series of Insta-stories, Ms Sidika shared videos captured strategically to hide Brown Mauzo’s face as she praises him for being the best.

The curvaceous queen mentioned that her lover (Mauzo) has been putting her through tough exercises every morning, something she was not used to.

“Babe got me running with him every morning

How u make me run from ground floor to 9th floor. 4 trips, ground floor to 9th floor, Bae wants to kill me and he is smiling while at it.

After workout office tingzy. If you man ain’t going an extra mile to get the right angle, he ain’t the one” Vera captioned her insta-stories.

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Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo


For a while now, the two have been spotted together, getting cozy with each other; with Vera confessing that she wants to keep her relationship private.

On Monday, while appearing on Bonga na Jalas, Ms Sidika confirmed that indeed she is dating and her man stays in Mombasa but she will be keeping things low key.

“I have been seeing someone for a couple of months now but it’s been low key. There is someone special and am so happy and I won’t lie. I even have added weight, happy weight. When you are in a relationship and very happy it happens… but soon I want to work on weight because when quarantine happened I did not have that time to work on my weight as I was just enjoying life with my Baby and working at the same time. But am just happy and sometimes it’s not about people you have to be selfish with yourself and your happiness comes first no matter what people think, say or anticipate. I realized it’s time to do me and am happier now, being in Mombasa, seeing my parents every day, am with my Baby, it’s just so magical” said Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo

Before hooking up with Vera, Brown Mauzo was rumored to be an item with socialite Amber Ray and they were even spotted together kissing; how their flame died off is still unclear.

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