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When you financially and emotionally depend on someone, you give away your freedom – Akothee

Don't allow pain to take away your power as a woman-Akothee

Singer Akothee

Singer and self-declared President of Single mothers, Akothee, has called on women to stop depending on men financially, and emotionally, because by doing that, they give away their freedom.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the mother of five said, gone are the days when women trapped men with children.

She warned that each time a woman wakes up thinking that the man who got her pregnant should take care of her and the child, is when they begin getting themselves into depression, disappointments, humiliation and pain.


Akothee mentioned that this is how women lose their happiness and independence, to be forever disappointed and weak.

The Abebo hit maker called on women to instead use their energies to work on their lives and have everything in order without fearing the consequences.

She added that after doing this, the right men will come into their lives, and they should not bother with any parent who does not want to be involved their children’s life.

If only you knew how strong you are as a woman💪, then you will get off your pity party corner and do the necessary. Gone are days when we cornered men with children, 🙆‍♂️ unfortunately, one man can impregnate 100 women in a year, and 1 woman can only get pregnant once a year 🙈. Everyday you wake up thinking that someone impregnated you hence they need to take care of you and your child 🤔, I want to be sincere with you, you are digging a hole of depression, anxiety, disappointments, humiliation and pain. Why can't you use that energy and work on yourself and put your life together 🙏🏾 when you financially, emotionally depend on someone, you give away your freedom. You close doors of happiness and independence, you are forever disappointed and weak. You spend all your day narrating the pain to most people who don't even care, since half of them laugh at you, or have more problems. Make the efforts of putting your shit together, the right daddy will come 🙏🏾don't be scared of the consequences, don't allow pain to take away your power as a woman. Don't bother with any parent ,who is not interested in participating in the life of his blood🙏, karma will do it for them 💪NOT ALL DOORS ARE CLOSED ,SOME NEED TO BE PUSHED 👊 Wishing you a lovely weekend 🙏🏾 #presidentofsinglemothers,” said Akothee.


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