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Zari finally gives details on hubby Shakib's lucrative business

Zari Hassan has finally addressed the persistent inquiries about her husband Shakib Lutayaa's occupation.

Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan (Instagram)

Ugandan businesswoman and socialite Zari Hassan has finally addressed the persistent inquiries about her husband Shakib Lutayaa's occupation.

Many have been curious about what he does for a living, given his frequent presence at Zari's events and outings, both within and outside Uganda.

In an interview with Tanzanian blogs, Zari clarified that Shakib is not just her life partner but also her strongest supporter in her career endeavors.


She emphasised the importance of their companionship, highlighting how Shakib readily accompanies her wherever she goes, both within and outside Uganda.

According to Zari, Shakib's support for her professional commitments exemplifies his active involvement in her life and career.

"I often accompany my husband on many occasions. He's my spouse, friend, and partner, and he supports me in my career. Whenever I inform him that I'm traveling to South Africa for work, he readily offers his support," Zari explained.


Contrary to speculations, Zari clarified that Shakib does indeed have a job of his own. She revealed that he is involved in selling cars and other related businesses.

Zari emphasised that just because he accompanies her frequently does not mean he is unemployed.

She likened it to her situation, where she also has her professional commitments but still finds time to accompany her husband.


"Hiyo haimaanishi hana kazi. Ana kazi zake, hata mimi nina kazi zangu mi huacha. Kwa watu wengi hawajui mume wangu anauza gari na zile vitu ndio rahsisi sana kusema leo namwachia mtu," she said.

Addressing queries about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz's other baby mamas, Zari explained that her interactions with them are solely driven by the necessity to maintain cordial relations for the sake of her children.


She mentioned that contrary to popular belief, she maintains communication with them, particularly with Zuchu and Natasha Donna, for the benefit of her kids.

"People often assume that I don't communicate with Diamond's other women. I do speak with Mama NJ and Zuchu. Even when the children visit Tanzania, I reach out to Zuchu instead of Diamond. Zuchu is very kind, and if I don't communicate with her and if she's the one who has my children there, what will I be doing?" Zari stated.

Regarding the absence of her children meeting Hamissa Mobeto's son, Zari clarified that there has been no formal communication or confirmation from Diamond Platnumz regarding his paternity.


Until such clarity is provided, Zari doesn't seem to be able to facilitate any interaction between her children and Dylan.

"In that regard, I'm not sure. Diamond himself will clarify whether that child is his or not. If Diamond says he's my child, I'll welcome him to meet my children. But until then, there's been no formal communication about it, so I don't know," Zari concluded.


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