Love is and should be unconditional – Zari speaks about love and controversies surrounding relationships

Love can be found in the most bizarre places!

Zari Hassan addresses allegations of buying Instagram followers

Zari the Boss Lady has come out to state that love is and should be unconditional and it can be found in the most bizarre places with the least expected person.

Its not the status nor the levels, not the financial stability or the public elevated status the list cld go on” Said Zari.

The South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman said this as she was trying to figure out why people judge other people's relationships based on their looks, wealth and status.

She wondered why young ladies were termed as gold diggers for marrying older men and why older women were called desperate for dating younger men.

When a young girl dates an older man she is instantly branded a gold digger, when an older woman dates a younger man, she is a Craddle Snatcher or maybe a desperate person. When a woman or man dates someone more financially established by status quo this becomes a case of “you are after her or his money”. When you date a not so good-looking man or woman that also raises a-few eyebrows because society kinda narrows you down depending on your status.” Read part of Zari’s post.

Brooklyn City Colleges CEO went ahead to say that people put a lot of emphasis on levels and standards in relationships such that one had to answer questions like what their partner does what kind of people are in his circle.

When your man or woman isn’t up to your standards, its a conversation of “levels”. Oh she or he can’t fit in with us. There are questions like; what does he or she do for a living, who are in her/his circle?!? This convoluted discussions and saga continues.......” Said Zari.

This comes a few days after she revealed that her father Nasur Hassan abandoned her and her family when they were still young.

In a post seen by, Ms Hassan mentioned that growing up she went to study for a Cosmetology course in the UK where she had to work a house girl in order to make ends meet.

“LIFE LESSONS. Life can be a rollercoaster and you will never know where you'll end up. From studying my cosmetology course in the UK ( which hasn’t helped me) while doing house girl work to pay my accommodation (yes I’ve been a maid before)to running through buses to get to my next stop woodgreen where I worked as a cashier and sometimes as an isle packer in sainsbury. Friend, I started out early wasn’t even sure why me. But the inner voice in me wanted better” reads part of her post.


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