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Zuchu in tears as Diamond hires private jet, kneels on stage after their breakup [Video]

Diamond made his intention to ask for forgiveness and have Zuchu take him back clear

A collage image showing the moment when Diamond joined Zuchu on stage and went down on his knees

Diamond Platnumz is leaving nothing to chance ion his quest to win back Zuchu who shared with the world that she is now single after dumping the WCB President on Friday, February 23, 2024.

The singer hired a Private jet and flew from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam to beg Zuchu for forgives, showing up in one of her shows and going down on his knees.

The Wasafi boss noted that he has been advised by people close to him, including his close friend Haji Manara to fight for the love he believes in.

“My brother Haji Manara advised me to drop my ego and go to Zanzibar to ask for forgiveness and maybe I might be taken back by Zuchu.


“After arguing and being adamant for some time, I realized he was right. So I'm on my way to Zanzibar to do exactly that,” Diamond shared before making his journey to seek forgiveness.

"So what I need from you is creativity on how I’m going to pull this off and your presence at the show. So please come and help me as I ask for forgiveness,”. He added.

It is after this that the singer flew to Zanzibar after making it known that he was heading there to ask for forgiveness.

He was seen joining Zuchu on stage and going down on his knees at an event where Zuchu was performing.


Diamond also joined Zuchu on stage and performed a song they collaborated in with Zuchu smiling all the while.

Zuchu announces breakup and speculation of promoting upcoming projects

News about Diamond warming up to Zari and sharing a video in which they were seen walking hand in hand, breakup with Zuchu and reports of Zari going through a rocky patch with Shakeeb was met with speculation that all the theatrics could be timed to promote upcoming projects.

Zuchu announced the end of their relationship, citing lack of respect and her resolve not to put up with anything that denies her happiness.


“Hello fan-milly.I had to post this to clear my conscience. Kuanzia leo hii mimi na Nasibu (Diamond) hatuko pamoja. I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is kumuacha mtu unaempenda hii naomba mungu iwe ya mwisho na nianze maisha mapya. Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hiko kimekosekana kwetu.

“As for him bado tuna kazi za pamoja I wish him and his family the absolute best. Tumeishi vizuri lakini nadhani hii sio rizki. Mwaka huu nimejifunza kusema hapana kwa kila kitu kisichonipa furaha ama baada ya kusema haya naona kabisa naenda kuanza ukurasa mpya wenye maisha yaliyojaa furaha ,uhuru na amani . As for now kazi iendelee and I am single 🍻. yours truly zuchu ❤️” Zuchu wrote on Instagram.

Shortly after Zuchu announced the end of their relationship, Diamond reacted to the news, appealing for prayers.


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