Every day habits that are giving you cellulite


Habits that cause cellulite(inquisitr)

Cellulite can affect both men and women although it’s more common among women. It makes lumps on the skin forming some dimples on the thighs, butt, and the hips. These areas are more affected since women’s fat is usually distributed in these areas. In some cases, cellulite can also form on the tummy.

If you already have cellulite, all is not lost as there are simple ways to get rid of it. All the same, if you do not have it, avoid doing these things as they increase your risk of having cellulite:

1. Sitting behind your desk all day

Lucky you if your job involves a lot of movement. If your job involves sitting for long hours, then you are at a higher risk of having cellulite. Take small breaks at work and walk around to avoid the formation of cellulite.

2. Sticking to one position for long hours

Whether it’s sitting, lying down or standing for the entire day, it affects the circulatory system hence the formation of cellulite. Change your positions frequently to allow proper circulation of blood.

3. Dehydration

Whether it’s cold or not, you should always stay hydrated. Dehydration causes the toxins to build up in your fat cells and the results? Dimples on your skin.

4. Too much salt

If you are always asking for the salt shaker, watch out! You are encouraging the formation of cellulite on your skin.

5. Booze

It may not necessarily cause cellulite but it makes it worse. Plus alcohol is full of calories, encourages fluid retention and constricts the blood vessels leading to the formation of cellulite.

6. Eating the wrong foods

Most skin issues and health issues will always narrow down to one thing: diet. As the adage goes, ‘you are what you eat’. Highly processed foods and a diet high in sugar encourage cellulite.

7. Tight clothing

As sad as it may sound, your favorite pair of jeggings can cause cellulite. Give your thighs some space and let the blood vessels do their work without restrictions.

As you can see, all these are things you can do to lower your chances of developing cellulite.


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