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Clever tricks to keep your clothes and closet smelling fresh

How to keep clothes smelling nice

Keep clothes smelling fresh

Even after washing your clothes, they might still smell because there is something you might be doing wrong. And after a long period without wearing certain clothes, you will notice that they tend to have a smell that is not so appealing. Your closet will be next and the next thing you notice is that almost all your clothes are smelling. This is why you should make sure that your clothes and closet keep smelling fresh all the time.

How do you go about this? It’s as easy as using these simple tricks:

1. Coffee beans


If you fancy that nice scent that coffee produces, then you can use coffee beans or coffee grounds to freshen up your closet. Put the coffee grounds in a container and poke some holes on the lid to keep it emitting the fragrance all through. You can replace the coffee grounds after a month or so.

2. Baking soda

Another great reason to always have baking soda in your kitchen. You can never exhaust its many uses and one of them is freshening up your wardrobe. It’s a good odour absorbent and will help in getting rid of any unpleasant smells in your wardrobe. It also absorbs moisture and will thus free your clothes from mildew.

3. Scented bar soap


If you have a favourite bar soap, you can use it to wash your clothes but the scent may not stay for so long. To make sure your clothes are smelling nice, wrap the scented bar soap with a thin fabric and keep it in your closet.

4. No dirty clothes in your wardrobe

This is a no brainer but if you think of the times you have stored clothes that need to be worn again in the same closet with clean clothes, you will understand why we are insisting. That hoody or jeans you wore once may be the reason your closet smells like sweat.


5. Make vinegar your best friend

Haven’t we all been there? You have to go out and just realize that the dress you wanted to wear is not clean and probably smells of sweat. Vinegar does magic at such moments and it can still be used to keep your closet smelling fresh. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and spritz on your clothes. Make sure your clothes are inside out. With time, the smell of vinegar will dissipate and leave your clothes smelling all fresh.

6. Perfumed tissues

If you keep your clothes piled up in your closet, perfumed tissue or cotton balls might work for you. Put some perfume on tissue paper or cotton balls and leave them to dry. Once they are dry, put them in between your folded laundry and replace when necessary.


7. Use your favourite essential oil

This just works like perfumed tissue or cotton balls. You can deep cotton balls in lavender oil, eucalyptus oil or any essential oil whose fragrance you like.


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